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When clients come to MyCity Social and inquire about the 6-step digital marketing program, they are “oohed, and aahed” by all of the value we deliver, but even after thorough explanation about how digital marketing in Tampa works within the online world, there seems to be some common confusion.


Upon signing up for digital marketing in Tampa, a business owner will receive a dedicated guru who will perform the following functions:

1. A guru will be assigned to your company and be available to help with your digital marketing needs

  1. Review Builder
  2. Social Media Management
  3. Newsletter/email campaigns
  4. Professional Video/[Photoshoot
  5. Google Local Management


The confusion lies with the expectation of when clients will begin converting visitors based upon these activities. Our social media guru’s have found that it typically takes 4-5 months for their efforts to begin creating conversions.


The myth is that clients often hear that if they begin digital marketing services, that clients will line up at their door the next day. This is not true. While we would LOVE for this to be true (we would be millionaires with the drastically quick turn around we would give businesses), it simply does not work that way.


Social media and outbound marketing efforts work by using the snowball effect. When a guru begins work on your account, they often have to begin from scratch or convert existing social media and online profiles into one’s that have all the business fundamentals and branding in place.


Once a clear branding effort has been established, then customized posts that engage and get people talking are created. It is through these custom designed posts that the goal of attracting more “Likes” and followers to your page comes about. On average, 2.6% of the followers will see and engage with organic posts on social media while promoted posts will increase engagement by 50%. The larger and more highly targeted your following, the more chances the business will have of being talked about and shared online.


While the percentages may seem low, this is standard across the industry right now. It is even lower for those who do not engage in professional digital marketing services. Once more followers are built up within the social media profiles, it typically takes 4-5 months for the trust online to be built between fans/followers. This level of trust is what causes conversions online and is the golden key to success online with your business.


To recap, while we would love to have a line of clients magically appear at your establishment the next day after signing up for social media management as part of our 6-step digital marketing plan, that simply is not the case. Building an online following, building brand awareness, and creating trust online is a process, and while it may take a little longer than you may have initially thought, it is well worth it and leads to amazing results.


If you have any questions about our digital marketing in Tampa  please contact us today to speak to one of our expert guru’s by calling 1-866-955-3287.

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