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SEO MiamiThe ongoing quest for local businesses seeking success leads many to SEO Miami companies who promise first page rankings on the major search engines. While this is ideal, a new focus is emerging on the internet marketing world: local SEO and local directories.

With the rampant increase of consumers accessing business information from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, the face of search is constantly changing. People away from home or the office search for “car insurance Miami” or “hair stylist in Florida” rather than doing a general non-location-specific search.

This is where MyCity Social comes in. The most effective optimization comes from a SEO Miami focus with particular attention on local directory management.

What is Local Directory Management?

Online directories come in two types: general and local. The general ones usually share information or links to websites of companies that do business anywhere. The local ones narrow that down to just the companies that operate in a limited geographic area. In other words, the companies that a consumer actually needs and uses. They are this era’s yellow pages.

Local directory management begins with submission. The more citations and links your business has online, the greater the chance people will find it. This also helps boost SEO. Identical name, address, and phone number (NAP) must appear to build online trust and recognition.

Management services ensure information across multiple directories matches. This prevents search engines from devaluing your website due to dishonest appearances. The services put your company in the best light and give enough enticing information to impress consumers. They can also help improve overall reputation by managing reviews and feedback.

How Does Local SEO Help Your Business?

Managing directory listings not only helps consumers find your products or services but also improves search engine rankings considerably. This happens for multiple reasons.

The best local directories online, which reputable services like MyCity Social should target, have established track records with Google, Bing, and other big search engines. Clean coding, sitemaps, link structuring, and keyword or tag inclusion push their results to the top of the SERPs. These pages offer responsive styling for access from phones and tablets.

Consumers use these local directories in ways that help your company as well. Not only do you get the link from the directory itself but any customer or client who writes a review or a recommendation and links to it on their social media pages gives you another. The more citations you have, the greater the benefit.

As mobile use grows and the number of people accessing local online directories to decide where to shop or who to hire increases, the more important local directory management is for your company. Properly handles, submission and handling of the on-going listings can increase visibility, improve search engine rankings, and give a great boost to online reputation. The end result? Your company will enjoy more positive brand recognition, more citations and links backs to please consumers and search engine spiders, and a greater level of success than ever before.
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