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Content is everywhere and it’s EVERYTHING! Back in the day, a few print advertisements, a billboard or a radio spot would be sufficient for your business BUT NOT ANYMORE! Consumers now have the attention span of a goldfish, (literally, check out this article) which means you need to pump out content, good content, faster than ever. At our Tampa SEO company, we know how important quality content is.

So, what exactly is classified as content? Well, the most obvious form of content is a blog. The more often you publish blogs on your website, the better. Blogs are great for search engines, social media, and all SEO initiatives. Writing about your industry also builds credibility and gives your brand a voice. Blogs are a key component of your company’s content, how there is so much more out there! Infographics, memes, videos, guides, product/service reviews, how-to’s, e-books, interviews, opinion posts, these are all forms of content. When deciding which content to use for your monthly marketing mix, be sure to keep your audience in mind and only choose relevant content. You shouldn’t post or write about things that aren’t in some way, relevant to your industry. HOWEVER, don’t be a robot! No one wants to read boring, dry content that has no personality. If you act like a robot you are committing digital suicide. Even if your company has a professional voice, you can make your content interesting. So, in a sea of content…what type performs best?


It’s no secret that video performs best. People want to see short videos, especially on social media. Think of all those mouth-watering recipe videos from companies like Tasty, or notice how many state parks and charities use video to build awareness about their cause. Video is KEY to creating compelling content for your company. Say you’re a doctor and you’re interested in integrating video into your content strategy, but you don’t know how. That’s where your Tampa SEO Company comes into play. We will brainstorm with you to decide how we could use video to promote your company. For a doctor’s office, we recommend a 60-second video that shows off the office, all the patient rooms and allows the viewer to meet the doctor. That video will be great for your website, as well as social media. For a doctor, you can also create short video clips addressing each service you offer and the symptoms you treat. The type of video you create highly depends on what industry you’re in. Video has taken social media by storm, which means your content marketing strategy needs to include it.
Whether you’re posting video, blogs, infographics or lists, Your Tampa SEO company knows which channels are important to your industry, what content to post, and when to post. MyCity Social knows that timing is key and we won’t miss a beat when it comes to holiday posts or trending topics. We know that content is EVERYTHING, and so should you.

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