MyCity Social Discusses The Importance Of Local SEO Services

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered how many of us operate in our daily lives. With social distancing, imposed curfews, travel limitations, stay-at-home orders and many other ordinances, America is drifting into a mindset centered around the immediate vicinity. This mindset also affects business, as consumers become more concerned with finding local companies to service their

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Useful Tips to Building Your Personal Brand Online!

Who are you? What do you do? And why does it matter? The ability or inability of a person to answer these three little questions is the dividing line between individuals that yield long-term success and those that struggle to keep their head above water. Have you ever thought about your personal brand—Brand You? If

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The Importance of a Detailed SEO Report

In today’s age, the internet has taken over the world of marketing. With web users being exposed to content from all angles when online, it’s no surprise that this is the case. There are many different elements that comprise of digital marketing, but have you heard of search engine optimization? Search engine optimization, or SEO,

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How Your Websites Metadata Can Increase Organic Traffic

Many of us are at least vaguely familiar with the term “metadata.” It’s an important term when it comes to internet sources of media, whether that be video entertainment, social media, blog posts, or something else. What exactly is metadata though? It may seem like a fairly nebulous term describing random clusters of stats and

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Defining Your Target Audience for SEO in Tampa

Knowing your target audience is an essential component of creating an SEO strategy. Being able to define your target demographic is the very first step towards developing search engine optimized web content for your business. Being able to identify the ideal gender and age range of the potential clients and customers that your products and

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2019 Google My Business Updates

Technology grows exponentially, and every year many changes happen in the field of search engine optimization. In today’s heavily technology-fueled world, it’s important to always be updated in order to produce optimal results for your business. Almost every business owner knows the importance of SEO nowadays, and everybody wants their SEO efforts to produce the

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