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Facebook’s war on Snapchat is entering a new stage with a full roll out-of effects and direct tools. The two social media rival platforms are working on testing new filter apps for their users.

Facebook Vs. Snapchat

Facebook first began experimenting with a new camera app. This app enables you to open your Facebook camera and use the reality-like filter to paint a country’s flag on your cheeks. Snapchat on the other hand is augmenting its venture in creating a more advanced competition against their rival. Their users are sharing their apps every day. The latest announcement by snapchat was the camera-equipped eyeglasses. This is a kind of low-key Google Glass that has received a touted view of over 1 billion. Below are some features differentiating Snapchat filters from Facebook filters. 

1) While Facebook only allows you to add stickers after a photo or video has been taken, Snapchat lets you swipe up or down and choose your favorite filter while taking your picture or video.

2) Some effects like crying rainbow are a Snapchat filter that seems very unique to Facebook.

3) Another evident difference about filters from these platforms is that in Snapchat, you have a lot more filters to choose from like adding texts and scribbles but in Facebook, these features are rarely available while taking a photo or a video.

4) Facebook lets you roll a video for up to to 20 seconds while Snapchat will only give you 15 seconds.

5) Snapchat filters can be used to mark the occasion and companies are capitalizing in investing on sponsored filters to promote their brand. On the other hand, no one has heard of anybody bragging about a Facebook filter that led to his stuff going viral. Facebook has only made their filter static to facial features for recreational purposes.

6) Snapchat has also created a few twists on their app’s stories. Facebook has made it basic and everybody can access the original content of their apps.

7) For those going for celebrity and fame hunt, choosing Facebook filters for your photo improvisation would be your best move. The company is huge and many people all over the world will see what you post. The company manages an astounding 250 million users every month. On the other hand, not many people know about Snapchat and so your designed filter will not reach so many people.

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