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Applications have significantly evolved since they were first introduced to the mobile world and Facebook Messenger is no exception. Apps need to change if they want to keep up with the competition by improving current features and adding new and useful ones to create a better user experience. One of these new features MyCity Social in Tampa feels is worth taking an extra look at is the live location in Facebook.

Messenger recently introduced a feature called live location in Facebook that allows users to share their current location with friends, family members and acquaintances. The feature is currently available on both the Android and iOs operating systems. This is a rather helpful feature that helps coordinate plans with others to let them know how close or far you are from the destination and can potentially be a source of Internet marketing in Tampa.

Sharing Your Location

The process of sharing your location is rather simple and can be useful for Internet marketing in Tampa and potentially connect with MyCity social destinations. If you’re using either an Apple device with iOS or an Android device, touch the location icon or choose the “more” icon and choose location. You’ll be able to see a where you’re currently located and have the choice to share yours as well. Choosing to share your location is not a permanent feature. Those who you choose to share your location with can only see it for an hour. If you want to continue to share your location, you’ll need to repeat the process.

The person you’re sharing your location with also shows where they are and you are given an ETA of how long it’s going to take you to get to where they currently are assuming you are driving there. It’s easy to shop sharing your location at any time by tapping on “stop sharing” if you no longer want people to see where you are. Another convenient feature is a tiny clock in the bottom corner letting you know how much longer your location is actively shared for. The live location in Facebook feature is completely voluntary and does not have to impact you as an individual if you choose not to use the service.

More Features

Another convenient feature is that you can show a specific point on a map if you need to pinpoint a very specific point. Instead of selecting “share live location” under the “more” option, tap on the red pin located in the top right corner. You can either drag and drop the pin to the place on the map you want to share or search for a destination shared by MyCity Social if it isn’t visible on your map.

The new feature is very convenient and completely optional. You can choose to use it frequently, only a bit or not at all if you don’t feel comfortable telling people exactly where you are at any given point in time. Its functionality can make coordinating plans simpler and give you a more specific estimate of how long it is going to take you to get to your destination compared to those that you’re meeting up with.

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