digital agency vs. freelancer: how to make the right choice

Imagine there is no social media, pay-per-click ads, email campaigns, or even a website; where would your business be without the presence of online marketing? The common truth is that a company cannot grow without online marketing. To reach your set goals for your business and to grow beyond potentials, you need digital marketing. These days, digital marketing is either handled at home or hired. “Should you freelance or hire an agency?” Of course, It is not unachievable for businesses to handle these by themselves; however, it is primarily small businesses that find it easier and more cost-effective to hire a writing agency. In this article, we will discuss digital agency vs. freelancer: how to make the right choice.

When it comes to hiring, identifying who to do it means finding either a reputable freelancer or hiring a digital agency. However, freelancers have limitations and that is why we are here as a digital agency, we offer quality service delivery at MyCity Social. We have a good reputation and track record for customer satisfaction and designing creative measures in ensuring the prosperity of your business via digital marketing. 

Digital Agency Vs. Freelancer: How To Make The Right Choice

What is the difference between a freelancer and an agency? Freelance is independent marketing and equipped with the necessary working experience at agencies or large corporations. In addition, they need to have acquired knowledge to work independently and have an established client base that they primarily manage.

Freelancers have specific qualifications; therefore, it is occasionally hard to locate a person with these specific skills. For example, someone may be a strong writer in a particular aspect such as website design and may not be vital in developing. It means that one may require about two to three freelancers to get a job done. However, if you need just one specific job, such as content creation, hiring a creative writer in content creation for your blog, emails, and website can work.

Hence, Freelancers have fewer projects than a large digital agency and are capable of making your job a priority. They primarily work remotely and flexibly. However, you have to be sure you are working with someone who is reliable and sticks to deadlines and timelines, and it is more than annoying if you have to chase someone to get your projects done at a reasonable time.

Digital agencies are a larger team of professional marketers with various skills, all working collectively to create projects for clients. An example is when you need a website, three to four people may form a team to complete the project with copywriters, account executives, designers, and developers inclusive.

Why hire a digital marketing agency vs. hiring freelancers? A digital agency gives you access to a group or team of experienced marketers with a set of skills. They will all digest your business, vision, and goals, and they will equally work together to create campaigns that work for your company by integrating and compromising ideas that align with your target. Some structures are in place as well. Teams work together to meet deadlines and frequently communicate with the agency and the client. There are regular meetings and check-ins to ensure everything works fine.

The digital agency is equipped and structured to meet the marketing requirements of both small and large businesses. They can offer objective and candid assessments of your current campaigns meritoriously without being desperate.

So, if you are on a quest for a long-term relationship and more tenable, reliable, and warrantable marketing campaigns, hiring an agency is the best shot. Agencies can handle all areas of your digital marketing, either from the copy and content or the design and implementation, reporting, etc. You will be able to identify and measure your performance. 

Benefits Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing does not have to be a do-or-die situation. Some businesses handle aspects of their digital marketing in-house but still contact freelancers or agencies like us to assist in managing the process to complete specific responsibilities. There are pros and cons of hiring a digital marketing agency vs. freelancers.

Hiring a digital agency can assist in:

  • Having a central focus on administrating your venture.
  •  Reduction of gross costs. 
  •  Competing in your industry online.
  • Understanding and getting measurable results.
  • Working with professionals.

As a digital agency, we recommend insights on the performance of your keywords, how customers are engaging with your content, etc. In addition, we will avail you of recent techniques, methods, and strategies to help you reach your set goals and target. We can assist you in starting with your campaigns immediately at MyCity Social. Here are some  techniques to adopt in building  your business through digital marketing:

  • Profile Your Audience And Focus On Them: Understanding your target audience is a fundamental step in creating an outstanding brand-developing plan. The more conscious you are of knowing about the people who patronize your business or buying your product or services rendered, the easier it will become for you to design your content approach and communication blueprint accordingly. There are thriving tools that can support you in monitoring and analyzing your customers. There are plenty of tools invented to aid companies in identifying their audiences based on numerous factors like gender, age, marital status, household income, location, etc.
  • Try To Advertise Your Business Through Multiple Channels: Many companies make errors in policing most of their brand-building attempts on 1 or 2 media channels. With the growth and evolution of digital in a rapidly changing world, you need to try as many habits as possible to build your brand online. You must be willing to explore multiple channels in achieving this. That is the smart way to ensure that your adverts stand on top of those of your competitors. Ensure you are consistent because consistency will surely grant your company quick recognition among customers. Due to this, you will become the obvious choice and noticeable when customers purchase a product. The social media community is a ready market, and innovative business owners can leverage the platform to turn their business and brand around. It is not advisable to undermine the importance and influence of social media and the marketing and sales opportunity it offers. The comfort provided in marketing, conversation, interaction, and feedback are desirable and not present on any familiar platform.
  • Integrate Social Media: Passing your company’s message online or knowing your clients can be easier with the utilization of social media platforms. It is correct to say social media marketing has proven to be an effective and efficient tool for communicating with consumers. It has also aided companies in discovering new approaches to generating leads, giving feedback, and monitoring people’s reactions towards their services. The most important thing here is to start paying close attention to your brand awareness and reception. You possibly desire that people discuss, talk about or recommend your brand on social media platforms, and if no one is doing that, you need to find a means to achieve that. The conversation often led to social interaction and exchange of vital information, which leads to brand recognition, which influences and motivates audiences and members of the social media community. However, you have to keep the one golden rule in mind – that social media should be a platform conversation and not a means to force your message or narratives. It gives you the foundation to develop your brand strategy, but you must avoid spamming the audience. Informed decisions on hiring a digital marketing agency vs. hiring freelancers will assist in preventing spamming.

Is Choosing Between A Freelancer vs. A Digital Agency Getting Difficult?

Why do clients choose a digital agency over a freelancer? Your alternatives are endless. Attempt typing “freelancer or digital marketing agency” on Google; the search phrase usually comes with about 39,000,000 results. There are even more options if you keep on searching, and that is why your business needs an ideal position. Some marketing freelancers will have all the technical know-how in the world regarding fashion but may have no idea about the healthcare industry, music, or the tech world.

Make a decision at the initial stage of your business, it makes sense for you to handle digital marketing with keen interest. After all, you are aware of your brand voice and tone. Your business is booming, and you’ve got other things to do within your business. Don’t you feel it is time for you to branch out and hire marketing services from our agency?

Stop wondering whether you should be looking for a freelancer or a digital agency.  Either a small or medium-sized business, this is a common and shared plight, problem, and predicament that unfortunately does not always get the needed attention it deserves. So, don’t postpone the most crucial decision for your business.

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