Every product and service is shifting online, and the benefits are a mouthful for all stakeholders. While that may be excellent, it only means that sellers have to be on top of their digital marketing strategies. Unfortunately, getting a five-star review is more than producing quality products and services. At MyCity Social, we are your trusted partner for digital marketing and navigating the increasingly complex world of online business.

With invaluable skills and knowledge for our clients, we can transform your local business to a whole new level.

As a reliable digital marketing agency, we ensure that our clients enjoy optimal and quality results.

Why Are Five Star Reviews Important?

Five-star reviews look good on your website, but they’re actually a lot more important than we think. Reviews represent the public’s real opinion about a business and their products – having a lot of good reviews can be more effective than even the most expensive marketing campaign.

Other reasons that five star ratings are important:

  1. A good rating inspires trust among consumers.
  2. Reviews are a critical factor in Google rankings and affect local search results.
  3. A five-star review and referrals account for 82% of new online visits and purchases for small businesses.

Our Top Tips for Getting More Five Star Reviews

  1. Back your quality products with engaging content.

We all want to know what’s going on when we wake up and probably before going to bed from our smartphones. With the Covid-19 measures, we’re spending more time than ever glued to our screens. At MyCity Social, we ensure our clients use this to their advantage by engaging their customers through various social media platforms.

This technique increases new visits and gives you a permanent online presence. The more visits you get, the more five star reviews you can gather. Your online presence can also direct new customers to your physical stores.

The best way to engage your current and future customers is by posting helpful, engaging content at regular intervals on your social media pages. Your content should be relevant to your business and geared towards helping customers with questions they might have about your industry, not just promoting your products.

  1. Establish relationships with micro-influencers.

A micro-influencer is someone who has an excellent social media following due to their engaging content, which means they can reach your target customers. Establishing a relationship with micro-influencers can help you reach more customers and promote your products by affiliating them with a real person that people already trust.

It’s best to try and find micro-influencers who regularly engage with your target audience – your product should fit seamlessly into the content that they’re already producing.

This way, you can create brand awareness and effortlessly promote new products and services. As more people are exposed to your product, your collection of five star reviews will grow.

  1. Create personalized content.

We consume online content every single day! This makes personalized content a potent marketing tool, especially for returning customers. Email campaigns are the best example of this type of content – the templates will typically include a customer’s name and use language that makes them feel like your company is talking directly to them.

Another way of personalizing content is through video content. It accounts for 82% of all traffic on the internet – whether you’re establishing an interactive YouTube channel or posting short videos on TikTok, you need to make your customers feel like your brand is approachable and relatable.



For any business, digital marketing is the key to the golden vault. While there are numerous tips online on how to earn five-star reviews, guidance from the best digital marketing agency is crucial. We at MyCity Social take pride in our work, with no compromise on quality and efficacy; it’s the reason we stand out from other digital marketing agencies.

If you are in Orlando, Tampa, or Miami, most businesses are on our list of clientele and have no regrets in getting us to do what we do best. Our specialized marketing team has the required expertise and vast knowledge and keeps up with emerging social media strategies.


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