Why You Should Have a WordPress Website Designed For You

Are you looking to design a website? Are you looking for your website to have an in-depth content management system that can help you with controlling the content for your site? You might not have considered this, but WordPress may be a powerful option to research for creating this kind of website. Why? Well first

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Let Us Market Your Bed & Breakfast in Tampa!

There are a ton of large hotel chains in and around the Tampa area, which could make it more difficult for your small bed and breakfast to get the attention it deserves. This could be incredibly frustrating for a business owner that no matter how hard you try or how much attention you put into

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5 Business Blogging Benefits

Blogging is all over the internet. Did you know that blogging also takes an important part when it comes to helping your business grow?  Having a quality business blog will really give your site the traffic it needs to be successful. MyCity Social and our professional blog writers are the best assets for your business

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Why Our Web Design Company Thinks Your Blog Needs a Cleanup

While having plenty of content is important for SEO, it’s not good to hoard content and have a messy, overly full blog. It’s important to go through your old or outdated blog posts regularly in order to clean it up, especially in industries such as digital marketing that frequently goes through drastic changes. Miami SEO

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How Website Optimization Helps with SEO

Today, where you are in terms of Google ranking deeply impacts your branding, advertising, and visibility. To maximize your business potential and bring in the most customers and clients, it’s essential to have a catchy website and SEO content. Website optimization brings your company’s name to the forefront of search engines, and it’s important to

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8 Website Terms You NEED To Know (Learn The Lingo!)

If you own a business, you need to know about marketing. Marketing used to be online and offline but now it’s mostly digital. Digital marketing, itself, is very broad, and many departments and specialized roles fit under the umbrella. Whether you like the way marketing is done these days or not, you have to know

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