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As the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way that we live, shop, and travel across the world, marketing budgets have come under increased scrutiny. Publishers are seeing significant spikes in traffic, consumer and competitor behaviours are shifting abruptly, and it all paints a complex picture for marketers to deal with. In order to navigate this extremely complicated and ever-evolving landscape, marketers have to rethink the processes and systems they have in place for media planning. 

Even if you are not set up to sell your products online, it is key for businesses of all sizes to consider digital marketing as a plausible scalable engine of growth driving your company. Many cylinders compose this engine of growth, and each cylinder represents a digital channel. In an ideal circumstance you want every channel to be fine-tuned with the others in order to deliver the most robust and effective results for your business. Your digital marketing strategy should aim to channel traffic to your website or social media pages in order to engage your target audience and convert them to leads and sales, while being flexible to account for all of the shifts that are happening throughout the pandemic. 

Through using the current metrics coming in from this pandemic period, you can track all your steps, optimize them, and streamlining your processes, as this all affects your key performance indicators (KPIs). Read on to learn more about how important digital marketing is during the pandemic, and how you should adjust and adapt in the changing landscape. MyCity Social is a provider of online marketing Orlando business owners trust. When you work with MyCity Social, you don’t have to think about directing online traffic, SEO efforts, or marketing strategy- you can focus on just making money! Call MyCity Social in Miami for a consultation today!

Importance Of Digital Marketing 

So what exactly is unique about digital marketing? Digital marketing adds two extremely crucial elements to the traditional marketing schematic, making it more important than ever during the pandemic. First of all, it provides new marketing channels that are totally online and therefore unaffected by the consequences of COVID-19 social distancing like brick-and-mortar stores are. With less people on the streets, traditional marketing schemes like physical billboards are less effective. Second, customers leave a forensic trail of digital data online that allows for storing, tracking, and monetizing every marketing campaign through its channels. With such an huge amount of data at your disposal, you’re able to make better informed campaign decisions, especially during this time of crisis when every dollar is important. 

What Are The Digital Channels?

If you have not yet ventured into digital marketing, here are the basic digital channels available to you as categorized by Google. The primary function of these channels is to drive traffic to your website or online products:

  • Organic search- This is when somebody puts in a set of words or voice prompts into a search engine and gets directed to online content as a result. When somebody visits that content, it is thought of as “organic traffic.” The site owners do not have to pay a fee to the search engine company for this traffic. There is a lot of valuable and relevant content creation and search engine optimization work that has to take place in order to generate organic traffic, which takes months if not years to come to fruition. This means that if you haven’t gotten ahead on your organic traffic prior to lockdown, now is the time to start.
  • Direct- These are users which visit your site directly. For example, when somebody wants to purchase a couch, they may go to or When they want to purchase clothes, they may go to Many people don’t do a search, but rather type the web address directly in their browser, or click on a bookmark that they have saved there. This kind of traffic is labeled direct traffic. Direct traffic is a direct part of brand building for your products, services, or company. Brand building for your website takes time to bring results, but it’s never too late to start; especially if you’ve already managed to construct a recognized brand.
  • Social- Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Twitter have a significant impact on our daily lives. When people check their social media pages, they may spot a posting regarding your company, product, or service and click on it to get to your website. This traffic would be categorized as “social traffic.” Social traffic isn’t particularly difficult to build, but it requires the creation of frequent, engaging, and relevant content. If your business has a solid customer base that loves your product, then you can connect with them on social media by letting them know how valuable your product is and offering attractive content and deals.
  • Email- This kind of traffic is generated through your outbound email campaigns and email interactions. For example, somebody may click on a link embedded in the email and clicks on it, taking them to your website. This would be defined as email traffic. MyCity Social, who provides online marketing Orlando business owners trust, note that with more people captive in their homes due to the pandemic, they are more likely to read their emails. Email traffic is the least costly in terms of time and money invested and can be highly effective when done properly. During this lockdown you can leverage your email list as much as you can, while being sensitive to the current situation.
  • Referral- This is referred traffic from one website to another. It is similar to word-of-mouth, but between websites. When backlinks and citations on others’ sites lead back to your site, it creates traffic flow to your site. Link building is one of the most ignored digital channels, yet one of the most important ones. Backlinks are extremely crucial since they not only generate traffic, but also authority for your site. Your downtime can be used to affect the authority of your website through proactively pursuing backlinks from relevant high authority websites to yours. This kind of PR work can create huge dividends for your brand during and after the lockdown.
  • Paid search- Banner ads, Pay Per Click, social media post boosts, GeoMarketing, GeoFencing, and more are all under this umbrella. These kinds of ads require you to pay for each display, visit, or conversion. Even though GeoMarketing and GeoFencing shouldn’t be your main focus during the pandemic, you should think about investing the bulk of your marketing dollars in paid advertising if you are looking for immediate results. It is the most expensive way to direct traffic, but also the fastest and easiest. 
  • Affiliate programs and third-party resellers like Groupon, Rakuten, Amazon, eBay, and Etsy- Think about adding online affiliates to promote your products and services. You may have to sacrifice a percentage on each sale that comes through these channels, but that may be more profitable than paying upfront for ads when your cash flow is being reduced. Moreover, if you’re having difficulties directing traffic to your website, then you can consider selling your products through the sites that garner the majority of the traffic, such as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.

Which Channel Is The Most Important?

Each digital channel is important in their own way and has their own unique benefits. Different digital channels also feed off each other, creating key synergies that result in even more traffic and conversions. For example, direct and referral traffic will raise your domain authority and thus increase organic traffic. Organic traffic is definitely the most coveted channel due to the perception that is free. However, it’s not very simple to corner, especially when it comes to the short term. During this crisis period, most business owners are looking to get revenue fast. The quickest way to accomplish this is through affiliate marketing, selling through established online channels, and advertising. You can get in touch with online retailers and offer your products through their online stores. Think about adding affiliates that are able to promote your products for you. Take into account Google’s Pay Per Click options and consider advertising on social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram. When done correctly, the cost of ads can be justified. Since you have a captive audience right now stuck at home during the pandemic, it’s more likely that your ads will connect with your target audience.

Focus On Your Strong Points

As you have begun to build your digital marketing strategy, think about what you’re best at. If you’re a connector or an extrovert, then social media and affiliate marketing should be the primary channels for you. However, if you’re a better writer or more of an introvert, then a content strategy that leads to organic traffic should be top on your list. Continue to build your email list and leverage it with your social media ads by creating lookalike audiences. Even though people tend to not think about email as much, it can still be one of the most effective channels with the best ROI.

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