Read What Not To Do When Trying To Find Your Target Audience

Finding your target audience is incredibly important for any business. It’s not as simple of a process as many might think. A lot of new companies and even seasoned pros can make some serious mistakes that can end up being quite costly. To help prevent this, MyCity Social is here to help you out. We’re

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How Digital Marketing Helps Businesses During The Coronavirus

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused many businesses to reshape their digital marketing strategy, but that doesn’t have to mean bad things for your company. In fact, many businesses are using this time to strengthen their marketing strategy and find ways to take advantage of a time where almost everything is being done online. It’s essential

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How A Digital Marketing Agency Can Improve A Restaurant Business

Getting new people to visit your restaurant can be especially difficult with so many choices for how to dine. Not only is your restaurant competing with other restaurants but also with fast food and eating in with home prepared food. Of those three choices a restaurant is usually the most expensive one, so restaurants have

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Keep Personal Branding With Social Media Fresh With These Tips

Are you a business struggling to gain a foothold on social media? If so, you don’t have any time to waste. Social media is quickly becoming the go to place to promote your brand. With more and more people cutting cable, only producing TV commercials isn’t going to cut it anymore. So how do you

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Hit Your Target Market With These 2020 Digital Marketing Trends

Marketing has changed greatly over the years. At one point marketing was just about attracting people’s attention to a service or product. Now, marketing is so much more. Marketing now is responsible for creating your brand, forming lasting connections with your clients and advertising your products or services. In 2020 there are more companies marketing

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