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Duplicate content can be harmful for your site. However, what is a duplicate content SEO problem? How does it affect your site? There are a number of ways that you can accidentally create duplicate content and it can have negative impacts on the success of your site. To avoid this issue and to enhance your site, contact MyCity Social, an SEO company Miami based, for information.

What is a duplicate content SEO problem?

Content is important for your webpage. It makes your site more visible for potential customers so it is crucial for you to have content to keep viewers engaged. However, coming up with new content can be difficult and it can be easy to fall back on the method of copying and pasting old content. This, however, is punished by Google and it is important that you try your best not to allow it on your site. On the other hand, what happens when you post duplicate content on accident? Is there are a way to keep your site from being punished? Can you rectify it?


In order to better understand how to avoid duplicate content, it is important to first look at what duplicate content really is. There are three kinds of duplicate content: exact, near, and cross-domain duplicates. The exact duplicates are what they sound like—they are content that exactly copies one another. Near duplicates have small but insignificant differentiators. Cross-domain duplicates are exact or near duplicate content that exists on more than one domain.

What are the consequences?

Duplicate content, when done intentionally to be deceptive and to manipulate search results, can be punished by Google in a variety of ways. Some of these are wasted crawls, wasted link equity, or wrong listing in search engine result pages. A wasted crawl means that when the search bot comes to your site, it has a particular budget of pages that it can index and if you have a lot of duplicate content, it will spend its budget on the duplicate pages rather than on your unique, good pages. This means those unique pages will not get indexed. Wasted link equity means while your duplicate pages can gain link authority, Google will not rank those duplicate pages so you waste whatever link authority you get from those pages. Finally, a wrong listing in search engine page results means that while you may have duplicate information on your site, you do not get to choose which version of that information gets posted in search results. This can mean that the page that you want to show up will not show up.


How do you avoid it?

There are ways to correct the duplicate content in order to ensure that your site does not get punished by Google. You can use redirects from the duplicate content to the proper URL so that users and search bots know where to find the real content. You can also code the duplicate page so that search bots know which one of the pages is your duplicate content and which one is the page you want them to crawl. This option can be used if you plan to leave your duplicate content up. If you are uncertain of how to go about fixing your duplicate content, contact MyCity Social, an SEO company Miami trusts.


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