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The constant development of the food delivery can be difficult to keep up with. You may find yourself overwhelmed with options or you may not know what is available nearby. Facebook is seeking to solve this problem by rolling out a new addition to their Pages. If you would like to know more about Facebook food ordering or how you and your business can take advantage of these updates, contact MyCity Social in Tampa, a business offering social media marketing services, for more information.


Facebook food ordering development

Food ordering online can be done on a number of sites. Not only do restaurants themselves offer delivery services but there are now a large amount of devoted delivery services that can pick up food from a variety of non-delivering restaurants for a fee. There are so many options that it can be difficult to compile all of them in one location, but Facebook is seeking to do just that. Facebook food ordering may be the new solution for your food delivery needs.


The food ordering addition Facebook has added is just one of many they are rolling out as part of their initiative to support local discovery and commerce. This new addition is available via the Pages section and is meant to be comprehensive, recruiting a number of food ordering services to have them all in one place. This includes DoorDash as well as other delivery services and restaurants like Papa John’s and Panera. It promotes local discovery by allowing you to find places you wouldn’t have otherwise.


The addition also anticipates usage through the Facebook app so that you can go through the whole process on the app from searching for food to reading reviews to completing an actual transaction. Facebook does not gain any revenue from the transactions themselves and the emphasis is meant to be on the growth of local business.

Future updates

Facebook’s new food ordering can be viewed in the grander context of its commitment to expanding commerce tools. These are meant to supplement local business and online as well as offline transactions. This means that for businesses who are looking to enhance their social media marketing, this is a perfect opportunity to take your social media presence a step further.

The addition comes in partnership with the site’s update to its Marketplace system. Beyond selling personal items and other things, you can now advertise for jobs on the Marketplace and this is only one of the many expansions Facebook has planned for it. It will also include tickets through Ticketmaster and a Shops section that allows people to shop for products from a business’s page.

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The Facebook food ordering addition can mean a significant increase in business for those restaurants who are looking to be more accessible to their customers. Utilizing this new feature can be confusing or you may be uncertain about whether it would be a smart move for you and your business. If you want more information on how to use the new Facebook features, contact MyCity Social in Tampa, a business offering social media marketing services for more information.


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