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If you are currently dealing with low web traffic, lead generation, and conversion rates, do not worry, you have come to the right place! At MyCity Social, we offer unmatched eCommerce PPC services for your business!

We are the best eCommerce advertising agency worldwide, and we help you realize your full potential. We use modern techniques, strategies, and equipment to help skyrocket your business to the top of every search engine platform.

We establish a solid online presence and carry out fierce eCommerce marketing and PPC management to help your business receive a sustainable stream of traffic and engagement.


Outshine Your Competitors!

We have been in the eCommerce PPC management business for over six years and understand the ins and outs of the industry. We have gathered relevant technical knowledge and resources to help your business succeed. Our ultimate goal is to make you the most revered company in your field.

Our experts work closely with all our customers and understand their company objectives and goals before creating full-proof eCommerce marketing campaigns that align with their mission and vision.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with superb customer service and quality work that meets their standards.

Our unique Google shopping and eCommerce ads are guaranteed to attract and retain customers.

Being a full-service digital agency, we provide clients with every online marketing solution they require, including:

Leverage MyCity Social’s eCommerce advertising services and get a unique advantage over your competitors today.


Our Ultimate PPC eCommerce Advertising Package!

Drive relevant traffic and improve conversion rates with our proven eCommerce pay-per-click marketing services;

Paid Advertising

Increase your brand’s visibility with data-driven eCommerce PPC marketing campaigns. Optimize your account structure, create ads highlighting your unique selling points, and monitor your PPC budget using our sound PPC strategies.

Grow your business cost-effectively with MyCity Social’s eCommerce advertising services.

eCommerce SEO

MyCity Social integrates the best SEO strategies into your eCommerce PPC campaign to help you rank high organically and on paid search results. Our SEO specialists perform competition and audience analysis to ensure you remain the market leader in your niche.

Keyword Research

We study keywords commonly used by your potential customers to help you tap into your target market.

Using these keywords on your eCommerce marketing campaigns helps search engine pages direct consumers looking to purchase your website.

MyCity social uses cutting-edge keyword-tracking tools to understand which high-performing search terms are relevant to your niche and can drive more traffic.

Landing Page Conversion

We increase your sales by creating landing pages that match your customers’ search intent. Our experts handling eCommerce marketing campaigns will develop unique and personalized landing pages for all your ad groups.

We include digestible, convincing, and comprehensive content that encourages consumers to visit your page and purchase.

eCommerce PPC Management

Once your PPC ad is up and running, our experts use real-time reporting systems and PPC management services, including data-tracking tools, to streamline and optimize your Google Shopping advertising and eCommerce ads.

We ensure your ad continues to draw in and retain consumers for as long as possible.

MyCity Social identifies ultra-specific search terms that boost your website’s engagement and includes transparent pricing on your shopping ads to help improve sales.

Gain a competitive edge without overspending with our eCommerce advertising agency.

eCommerce Web Design

Our full-service eCommerce advertising agency specializes in building custom sites tailored to your specific demands and needs. We install live chat, simplify your checkout process and install conversion tracking tools to help monitor your page.

Ensure your page is always visible to all your potential customers with our eCommerce advertising services.

eCommerce Remarketing

Our eCommerce advertising Services will boost your conversion rates across all platforms by reviving your abandoned campaigns and carts, re-engaging with repeat customers, and driving traffic toward positive reviews and press surrounding your brand.

We develop secondary ads that boost your primary eCommerce PPC marketing campaigns by targeting customers that had visited your site before but failed to make a purchase.

Google Showcase Shopping Ads Management and Optimization

Make your brand more discoverable through our Google Showcase Shopping Ads services.

We set up your account, create ads, and publish them on your behalf. We continuously optimize and monitor your ads to ensure they remain profitable and drive more traffic that converts to sales.

Our eCommerce advertising agency will add optimized images to your feed and adjust your bid strategies to ensure maximum traction and produce desired results.

Conversion Rate Optimization

MyCity Social implements data-driven eCommerce marketing campaigns to increase your ad’s click-through rate. We optimize your ad pages, leverage your special offers and implement various Adwords remarketing campaigns to win back interested buyers.

Social Media Marketing

Optimize your social media and eCommerce marketing campaigns with MyCity social and gain more followers and exposure for your brand.

We design targeted ads, use live-streaming features and reply to reviews and comments to boost engagement and drive conversations. We also create and post content on your behalf.

We offer the following:

Ads A/B Split Testing

MyCity Social helps clients identify which Google Showcase Shopping Ads or eCommerce ads to generate the highest return on investment for their online shop. Our eCommerce PPC marketing specialists create multiple landing pages and set up split testing metrics that help determine which ads have a higher conversion rate.


Is PPC Worth the Hype?

PPC is one of the most significant and inexpensive ways of expanding your company’s reach. Most businesses opt for eCommerce PPC marketing because of its measurability and scalability.

In a nutshell, a proper eCommerce PPC campaign from MyCity Social shall help you:

  • Create brand awareness
  • Perfect your digital marketing strategies
  • Reach your target audience quickly
  • Build consumer trust and brand credibility
  • Gain new customers due to increased visibility
  • Increase your profit margin
  • Perform advertising analysis

Our eCommerce PPC marketing allows businesses of all sizes to reach out to millions of prospects on search engines and social media platforms.

Enlist the services of our skilled eCommerce advertising agency and reap long-lasting rewards.


Are You Looking for the Best eCommerce PPC Management Services?

MyCity Social can help! We are the most sought-after PPC management company worldwide and shall provide workable solutions to transform your company today!

Check out what else we have on offer:

We would love to be part of your eCommerce business. Our strategies are unmatched, and with MyCity Social, you can sit back and relax because we have got everything covered. Please book a consultation with us today!


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