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Social media advertising has become one of the most dynamic and inexpensive ways to promote a business, service or product on the Internet. Dynamic companies like Mycity Social have been tracking this phenomenon, watching it grow to prominence in only a few years. The consensus is the results are undoubtedly a testament to the strength of the concept.

One of the main reasons a well-known social media marketing service in Orlando recommends this option and believes social media advertising is so effective is because it can be targeted to a very specific audience who is most likely to purchase your item/service.

Here are some reasons you should consider Twitter advertising for your next promotional campaign.

Who is My Customer?

One of the key features of Twitter is the ability to see who is following an influential member. An author, for example, or an educational expert gathers a following on a social media platform because of what they have to say or whatever product they are offering to their customers. A well-known social media marketing service in Orlando will likely agree that advertisers can be reasonably sure the people who are following an influential member of a social media platform are likely interested in that product or service.

This creates a tremendous opportunity for both media companies like MyCity Social and advertisers in general because it removes the necessity for guesswork when it comes to the audience. If you can show an ad to people who are already interested in a particular product, chances are much higher you will be able to interest them in a similar product or service. That is the power of social media advertising.

The flip side to advertising on platforms like Twitter is the ability to analyze progress and track success. Like so many other web advertising alternatives, Twitter has a full suite of analytics tools which can be used by advertisers to optimize a campaign for impressions, clicks, conversions or generalized brand awareness according to a social media marketing service in Orlando.

This is also of particular importance because it allows an advertiser to test different campaigns by placing them in front of different audiences and seeing which results justify the associated costs. It’s also possible to use these analytics to reduce costs by determining the optimal combination of presentation, audience, time of day and creatives.

Two for One

A complementary feature of any social media ad campaign is not only the ability to drive traffic to an off-network website but the ability to also increase following on that particular social media platform. All of the features of social media, from sharing content to linking to other users to having content that might potentially go viral is available through advertising on a platform like Twitter.

This double benefit can often produce a positive feedback loop where new customers interested in your ads end up new readers or customers on your website, only to return to your social media channels to become followers. This instantly doubles your return on investment and multiplies the effectiveness of your advertising in ways that simple cost-per-click or other ad systems can’t match.

Social media advertising is changing fast, to be sure. Its effectiveness and power, however, are undeniable when placed in the hands of a company that can take advantage of all its benefits. Contact MyCity Social today to get started!


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