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Every successful social media marketing campaign begins with clearly defined goals. Goals bridge the gap between ideas and results. Are you getting the results you want from your social media marketing campaigns? If not, then set some new social media marketing goals for your business. Here are some goal ideas that will help get you on track:

  • Learn More About Your Target Market
  • Drive More Traffic To Your Website
  • Acquire More Business Leads
  • Increase Customer Engagement

Learn More About Your Target Audience

Throwing money and traffic at people, who have no interest in the product or service, bankrupts businesses every day. Use your social media presence to find out who your customers are.

Read The Bios Of Your Followers

Today’s consumer is more social media conscious than ever. Privacy seems to be less and less important to people when it comes to their social media profiles. This information is valuable, but ONLY if you read it. For example, if you sell golf clubs online, how many of your followers are golfers? Are they avid golfers, or occasional? What do they think about the golf clubs they currently use? What are their frustrations and desires? Bio information might help you answer these questions.

Drive More Traffic To Your Website

Online businesses live and die by traffic. Use social media to boost your traffic and increase profit.

Use Facebook Ads to Generate Traffic

According to the Pew Research Center, nearly eight out of every ten people online use Facebook daily. Most of them conduct business via Facebook directly and indirectly. What does this mean for you? You have a large pool of potential customers, and Facebook Ads enables you to reach them. Facebook Ads has tools, such as custom audiences, that help you tweak your ads to different market segments. SEO experts at MyCity Social can help construct a campaign just right for your business.

Acquire More Business Leads

A quarter of every business that uses social media for lead generation experiences a substantial increase in revenue. Depending on the type of business you own, online lead generation through social media is a potential gold mine.

Use LinkedIn for Inbound Marketing

Publish new, engaging content on LinkedIn, and use that new platform to drive leads into your sales funnel. If you don’t have a sales funnel, create one. Entrepreneur magazine brilliantly explains how to create a sales funnel in five easy steps. MyCity Social offers this service to our clients as well.

Increase Customer Engagement

If you’re not seeing good results from your social media marketing efforts, then maybe you’re disconnected from your customers. Thankfully, social media is a great platform for customer engagement.

Ask Questions With Twitter

If you have Twitter followers (and you should), then ask them thought-provoking questions that will generate conversations. You can even use contests and giveaways as incentives for them to engage directly with you and your sales process.

To learn more about how our social media marketing guru’s can help your business attain its goals please contact us today.

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