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There are more than 150 million blogs worldwide each fighting for a share of the market readership. Most of these blogs rarely get visited or read. That is because the blog owners haven’t mastered the basic tricks it takes to attract and retain readership. The dream of every blogger is to make his/her blog popular. When it comes to Tampa SEO Company Blogging, experts like MyCity Social can advise you on the skills and practices it takes to attract more site traffic. These are the five tactics that can raise the profile of your blog.

I. Tell People in Your Social Networks about It. Social media is the largest platform which offers you the greatest potential for disproportionately high publicity. Keep in mind that SnapChat has 300 million followers, Instagram (500M), Twitter (500M), Facebook (1.3B) and WhatsApp (1.2B). Promoting your blog posts on the social media sites makes it available to all your followers. Some of these social media platforms have blogging features which you can use rather than rely on external platforms.

II. Make Your Content Visible To Search Engines. If you want your site to be indexed by search engines, then you need to change your blog settings to make it visible. The major search engines include Yahoo, Google, and Bing. According to the Tampa SEO Company blogging experts, MyCity Social, blogs that rank high on search engines tends to attract a huge pool of organic views and searches. There are lots of plugins, features and SEO practices that make it easier for your site to rank high.

III. Blog Regularly. This is the most critical determinant of your blogs publicity. You have to learn to blog regularly and be consistent in your tone, themes, and perspectives. It’s much easier to choose specific topics, niche, and issues that you address on your blog e.g. food blog, travel blog, a lifestyle blog and so on. The easiest way of going about this is to create an editorial calendar that will guide your blogging experience.

IV. Link to Other Blogs. Proper blogging is all about interacting and engaging others online on a regular basis across common themes. Therefore when you link your blog to other blog platforms most likely, the blogger and his fans will find your blog link in his platform. You should also use some of the available tricks needed to attract and retain lots of email subscribers to your blogs. Alternatively, you can encourage other bloggers to link up to your site.

V. Create powerful Content. You have to learn to consistently create engaging, valuable, informative, entertaining and insightful content. When you do this regularly, you will become the go-to person who is an authoritative voice in your field. Eventually, your publicity will grow, and you’ll be able to secure a stream of regular visitors to your site. You should also make it easy for your site followers to share your content through installing clickable social media icons.

Final Thoughts. According to a Tampa SEO Company blogging expert, blog writing is a long term experience that requires patience and consistency. You, therefore, have to pick a field in which you are well versed and you can discuss issues authoritatively and articulately.

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