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There are many pieces to the web development puzzle. If your website is having issues getting recognized by the Google Index, consider enlisting the help of the experts at MyCity Social, the SEO Agency Fort Lauderdale locals trust. Google is an 800 lb gorilla in a world of 50 lb chimps. Once this search engine is set up and recognize your site, the rest of the pieces will fall into place.

Google Indexing is the process of adding web pages into the Google universe. No other part of optimizing your site can be more frustrating. Getting your pages into the make or break Google Index requires foundational knowledge of your site.

The SEO Puzzle

The search giant uses a small piece of software to search for your website. GoogleBot crawls billions of websites in cyberspace, on a schedule. The following building blocks are most likely the cause if your site is not found. Sign up for a Google webmaster tools account before going any further.

Critical Files
1. The robots.txt and .htaccess files are two foundational files. You should have complete familiarity with these files if you plan to be your own webmaster. The robots.txt file locates in the roots folder of your website. The Robots file passes along instructions to Googlebot on whether to index the site or not. The Google webmasters tool will tell you what this file says if you ask it. The .htaccess file is another of the foundational tools need to run your site. This file configures the wrong way can also lead to Google not seeing your site as well. These are two critical files that must be looked at. The marketing experts at MyCity Social, an SEO Agency Fort Lauderdale trusts, the equip with knowledge of the mission-critical SEO strategies critical to the success of your business.

Your Sitemap
2. The sitemap is an indexing and functional file, critical to a website’s success. A sitemap is a daily, weekly, or monthly indexing of your sites individual pages. The service or software will then submit these pages to Google and the other search engines. Once the Google Index has your sitemap, the website becomes searchable. A properly format and frequently submit sitemap will get your website index quicker than any other tool.

Other Issues to Look For

3. Be aware of Meta-Tags, DNS, and other issues affecting your indexing by Google. Sometimes a descriptive meta-tag locate in the root files of your website has the wrong information such as CONTENT=NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW. DNS settings can be another culprit, preventing your site from becoming the index. In this instance, the site may move without the settings having been updated. Make sure your site does not inherit issues, such as being tied to a link-farm.

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Scraped content is a very important issue with Google. The search giant looks for original web content that adds value to the index. Developing a sound SEO strategy begins with foundational blocks need to get your site recognize by Google. MyCity Social, an SEO Agency Fort Lauderdale businesses have come to trust, provides market-beating results. Contact us today to talk to an expert about solving your website’s indexing issues.


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