Discover What Google Looks For With SEO Branding in 2020

Have you ever thought about why certain sites rank higher on Google when they aren’t necessarily optimized for search engines. Sometimes, these sites may not even have any backlinks! Here at MyCity Social, a top SEO agency Fort Lauderdale businesses rely on, we’ve been asked this question from clients and curious onlookers quite often, which

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5 Ways Boat Dealers in Miami Can Benefit from SEO

Florida coastal cities such as Miami and Fort Lauderdale are known for their beautiful beaches and enviable coastlines. So much of life here in Florida is lived on a boat, and the boating industry is a large part of the Florida economy. Boat dealers face tough competition with so much boating around, and boat dealers

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Ideas for Marketing Your B2B Business With Our Agency

Hopefully your 2018 year went fantastically for your brand and business from a search marketing perspective. Now it’s time for you to revisit your search marketing efforts, as in today’s rapidly changing technological age, business-to-business SEO trends evolve at astounding rates every single year. What were great practices for Search Engine Optimization one year may

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Google Rank Affects Your Ecommerce Business

When businesses are looking to sell more products, they look for online sites to sell them on. For example, most stores sell through Amazon, which is a great platform that gets them a lot of traffic. However, companies who ignore their ranking on Google to concentrate solely on Amazon’s search algorithm are making a huge

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How SEO Can Help Restaurant Businesses in Fort Lauderdale

In today’s competitive market, everybody needs SEO advice in order to stay at the top of search engine rankings and stand out from the competition. From clothing stores to law firms to restaurants, SEO services are an essential part of today’s marketing. General SEO strategy is applicable for pretty much all businesses looking for digital

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10 Benefits of Working With a Large Marketing Agency in Fort Lauderdale!

Bringing “outsiders” in to help with your business is never an easy decision to make. Sure at one point, your employees were outsiders you decided to let in, but hiring another firm to help your business is something a lot of companies struggle with, especially when it comes to marketing. The way your company is

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The Best Keyword Research Tools Today

When it comes to the wonderful world of SEO, one of the most critical and important parts are keywords.  When an SEO team utilizes proper keywords, a company will get more search engine traffic. When a company optimized a website and blog keywords the company will rank faster. Here at MyCity Social, we are masters

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