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In order to stay competitive in today’s digital-driven market, it is necessary for businesses to maintain a strong web presence. A large part of expanding your business is utilizing SEO and increasing your search engine rank. However, as google algorithms catch up, Google penalties shift into place and can hurt your SEO ranking. Top SEO company MyCity Social can help you avoid these Google penalties, engage in Google Recovery when necessary, and protect your website’s SEO visibility while helping it grow and attract new business. Without the proper measures, a search engine penalty can severely cut down on or even erase your search traffic, which can be very difficult and sometimes expensive to recover. There are a few things to keep in mind when protecting your website’s SEO visibility from Google’s ever-tightening standards. Call MyCity Social, an SEO Company Miami residents trust, for premium SEO services today.

What is a Google Penalty?

Google updates its standards with every algorithm update, and more and more websites are caught operating just outside its changing search engine guidelines. If your site is caught outside these guidelines and penalized, your rankings will fall and revenues can follow. The term “penalty,” in an SEO context, is defined as any negative impact on a website’s organic search rankings as the result of an algorithm update or a manual action. Any website action that directly conflicts with Google’s current Webmaster Guidelines can end in a penalty against your website. There are two main types of penalties. Algorithm-based, which are automatic, and manual, which are intentional penalization for “black hat” actions.

Google Recovery and Avoiding Penalties

Now that you know why and how Google institutes these “penalties,” how do you avoid them and recover your SEO visibility? MyCity Social, an SEO Company Miami business owners rely on, recommends a few steps towards minimizing SEO penalties. First of all, you shouldn’t buy any links. Any links that contribute SEO value to your site should look organic. Any paid links (such as ads) should have a “nofollow” attribute added, and make sure to keep away from link schemes. Moreover, avoid overusing keywords. While keywords are crucial parts of SEO, oversaturating your content with key phrase repetitions can cut down your engine rankings. Try to utilize keywords in a natural-sounding way to provide the best content to your readers. This brings us to the most important point- creating original, high-quality content. The key component to ranking high is having unique web pages that contain quality content people will want to come back to.

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Digital marketing and SEO visibility is an ever-changing scene. In order to keep your website relevant and expand your consumer base, it’s crucial to keep up on these technological updates. MyCity Social, an SEO company Miami business owners rely on, can protect your SEO visibility, help with Google Recovery in the case of a penalty, and expand your online presence. Call us today for a consultation!


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