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Are you new to the world of SEO? If so, there may be many words and phrases that you are not familiar with. Many of them may seem synonymous. The terms indexing and web crawling are commonly used incorrectly. We are here to clear the air. At MyCity Social, our Tampa SEO agency is here to help you understand SEO and the differences between these phrases. Contact us today!


So What’s The Difference?

Familiar with the term spidering? This is a term used when Google, or another search engine, sends a bot to a web page and reads a page. This is crawling. They are the same thing. Be sure not to get this confused with having that page being indexed, though. Crawling is the first part of having a search engine recognize your page and have it show and appear in search results. If you have your page crawled, this does not mean your page was indexed and will be found. Pages across the web get crawled for a variety of reasons. The most common is having an XML sitemap that Google reads, that then points to your new page.


You should have an XML sitemap uploaded to Google Search Console. This gives Google a map for all your new content. Another way Google will crawl your page is if you have it posted to Google+. Basically, what gets crawled means is Google has looked at the page and depending on if Google thinks the content is new or has something to give to the Internet, it may schedule to be indexed.


Now it is time to understand what indexed means. This is the next step after your page gets crawled. Remember, not every site that gets crawled will get indexed. It will only get indexed if Google thinks your new page worthy. If your page gets indexed, Google will come up with how your page should be found in their search. This is when keywords come into play. Google will decide what keywords and what ranking in each keyword search your page will land. This is done by various factors that are set up and met with SEO.


In order to determine this will work properly in your company’s favor, it is best to hire an SEO company to create many links for your site and use keywords that you want to be found by. This is be the best way to get your business to get high results in Google. You will have a guarantee to be on the list. Trust our Tampa SEO agency to get the job done correctly.


Web Crawling and Index Can Get Confusing

This is just the beginning of what Google likes or how to effectively leverage SEO. Depending on your type of business, there are different ways to have your company found in a Google search. Local SEO focuses on searches that include a city or location.  For instance, if you wanted to find an SEO Service in New Orleans, you would Google New Orleans SEO. That type of search will provide you with local results for a Search Engine Optimization Company. If you are a dry cleaner, needless to say, this type of searching is essential to you.  If you provide online training, your geographical location is not so important.


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