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Great landing pages can make the difference between a sale and a lost customer, but why are landing pages so critical to your business’s digital marketing strategy? MyCity Social in Orlando knows how important landing pages can be to your business and they are available to help you create the perfect landing pages for your business. As the digital marketing agency Orlando businesses recommend, they have the tools necessary to p your business succeed. Contact them to find out about digital marketing services.


Giving Your Customers a Place to Go


Landing pages are what they sound like. They are the place in which users “land” to view a particular service or product. Typically, they are directed to this page from a search engine or from an ad. If there is no landing page for the service or product, but you still offer it, your potential leads may be directed to your homepage and forced to search around for the thing they want instead of having it at their fingertips. Alternatively—and worse for you—they might not even be directed to your site at all. If they do make it to your site, they may be turned off by the fact that the thing they are searching for is not immediately available and may give up trying to search for it altogether.

Landing pages ensure that your customers know where the exact service or product that they are searching for is located on your website. It gives them a direct location to turn to without having to search around your website and makes it more likely for them to turn into actual customers.


Turns Your Leads into Customers


One important use for landing pages is as a place to direct users from an ad. When you run an ad campaign, you should always have a landing page for the product or service offered in the ad. If you are a lawyer, for instance, and you have an ad running for your immigration law services, but your link leads to your homepage where you are advertised as a divorce and family lawyer who also does immigration law, you are likely to lose customers. This is because you have confused your users about what your services are and you have given them unclear results. You did not deliver on your promise to offer immigration law services and your users have left unsatisfied.


How to Create Great Landing Pages


Crafting a beautiful and eye-catching landing page is an art that someone who has had ample experience in the world of digital marketing can excel at. If you want to create some landing pages for your website but you are unsure where to begin, contact MyCity Social, a digital marketing agency Orlando businesses trust. They have the tools and expertise to craft the great landing pages you have been searching for.


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As a digital marketing agency Orlando businesses frequently use, MyCity Social values explaining to its customers why landing pages are so important for their digital marketing strategy. Contact them to learn more about their services and visit their website for more information about landing pages.


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