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One of the main reasons why Instagram remains among the most popular social media platforms today is the fact that the creators and managers of this app are constantly upgrading it and adding new features. The latest feature, which was introduced on August 2, is called Instagram Stories.

Those who have used Snapchat will find this latest feature offered by Instagram a little bit similar to the way Snapchat works. Namely, Instagram Stories allows users to share a few photos and videos and create a slideshow, but this media will disappear after one day (24 hours). In other words, other users can’t see them on your profile once 24 hours pass. On top of that, you can check which users have seen your story by swiping up and checking it. In addition, users can personalize each story with drawing and editing tools and by adding text to videos and photos.
Every Instagram Story is highlighted in the bar located at the top of user’s feed. Every Instagram user can share stories. In case some of the accounts you are following have a new story, a colorful ring will appear on their profile photo. It is good to mention that Instagram Stories feature doesn’t allow public comments or likes. This is the main reason why so many people are asking whether Instagram Stories can be used for business purposes. Well, the fact is that Instagram Stories can bring certain benefits and we will analyze some of them in this article.

First and foremost, when a user checks their Instagram feed, the stories are the first thing that they will notice because they appear in the front of the screen. So, even before they start scrolling down to see what’s going on, they will need to check the latest Stories. This means better exposure to the content you share for free.

Another benefit of using Instagram Stories is the fact that you will get a chance to check who views your stories. This is like using a sophisticated analytics tool. Instagram provides a direct link to the profile of the users who viewed the story. This means that you can check their activity and even check the people who they follow. You can use this opportunity for direct marketing too.
Furthermore, many businesses use Instagram Stories to test their new content. So, they are sharing their stories and if some of them cause a lot of interest, they are making it permanent by sharing it on their profile in a regular way.
Finally, you can also make contests for the fans. The story should be a contest in which you can encourage fans to send messages in order to participate in the contest. Obviously, you must promise some kind of reward for their effort. If you organize these contests weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, you can rest assured that your audience is checking your stories regularly.
Instagram Stories is a relatively new feature, but it has already helped many businesses.


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