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Here at MyCity Social in Orlando SEO is a big topic of concern for our clients. One

question that has come up several times upon meeting our wonderful clients is the

length of time it will take to implement SEO and get them to the top of Google.


The answer may not be what you had hoped if you have heard it only took 1 day.

Search engine optimization is a process, and often the results of which will not be

visibly seen until 3 months down the road. The results though make it well worth the

wait when the phone calls and emails begin pouring in.


Why does it take so long for SEO to show visible results on Google? Simply put,

there is a large checklist of items that need to happen before Google will begin to

take note of your site. Only until enough items are done will the SERPS actually

begin to change.


If you have recently launched a brand new website there is even something called

“the sandbox” which is basically where Google puts your site through a

“probationary period” of sorts to ensure you site is credible and not a spam site.

Some of the items on the SEO checklist are simpler than others, but the majority

such as content creation, sh404 errors, spam and incorrect citations will take much,

much longer.


The time frame in which you can expect to see the results from all of our blood

sweat and tears will often depend on the competitiveness of your keywords and the

level of aggression your plan involves. This is why there are several plans to choose

from. The more companies in your particular type of business, the stronger the plan

you will need.


Orlando SEO is a necessary tool for your website as this metropolitan city is quite

dense with businesses who are vying to get to the number one spot in Google.

Does 3 months sound like too long to begin seeing results? Do not fret! Using our

sophisticated software and expert SEO specialist, there has been much behind the

scenes work during this time period to ensure your website health has drastically

improved compared to day 1. While the results may not be visible to the human eye,

your reports and dedicated guru will be contacting you regularly to explain to you all

that has been done each week so that Google and the other major search engines

can crawl your website easily and give it more authority.


So while you may not “see” actions, trust the reports, our dedicated team is working

full time to ensure your precious website is catered to and tweaked to perfection.

After this initial 3 month period, clients can typically begin to see their website

appear on the first page for their keyword, if not higher in some instances. By 6

months, the SEO efforts are quite apparent and we often receive many happy calls

from clients who are overjoyed when they type in the keyword and see themselves

on top of the fold.


SEO can seem like a mysterious and scary topic for some, but it is actually quite

methodical and with the correct white hat SEO techniques…it works! If you would like

to learn more about our Orlando SEO services, simply Contact us today!

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