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Facebook has launched its LiveStream feature about eight months ago simply called Facebook Live. This option became an instant hit because as you are probably aware, the video is becoming one of the favorite types of media of internet users. This feature was available only to US users, but later it became available to all Facebook users.

Even though this option is available for a while, there are still many people who are wondering how to use Facebook live. The good news is that this process is not difficult.

To start with, open your Facebook profile and click on the status bar (in the same way like you are trying to write something to update the status). Next, click the Live icon which resembles a silhouette. After that, allow Facebook to access your camera and mic when asked. Tap the Continue button on the main page. Next, choose the privacy settings and write a suitable description of your live video. Before you tap the Go Live button check the camera’s direction. Finally, click the Go Live button (the blue button). Don’t forget that you can interact with commenters and viewers.

Now that you know how to use Facebook live, let’s see why you should do this.

To start with, the Facebook algorithm is fond of Facebook Live. This means that your live streaming will be shown in the news feed of many Facebook users following your profile/page. This is quite natural because Facebook is still promoting their new feature.

Furthermore, Facebook Live gives you an opportunity to interact with viewers. The system is quite similar to the old Q&A system. Ask the viewers to ask questions and provide answers while you are broadcasting the video. It is not unusual for viewers to like or share your live stream which is definitely good for your page. But, it is the best idea to make the viewers make comments because this promises better reach.

Don’t hesitate to ask for shares and likes especially if the video content you are sharing might be interesting to different categories of people. Very often people forget to share and like things and they need to be reminded.


In the end, there is another great reason why Facebook pages should use LiveStream option – this is a brand new option. The unique Facebook algorithm prefers pages that are using their new features because the main objective of this platform is to promote these new features. While it is true that some of their projects were not successful, it won’t hurt you to try this feature. As you have already seen, using Facebook Live is not difficult and you can enjoy many benefits from this activity. What matters the most is to use this unique opportunity to start streaming right away before your competitors do. The earlier you begin with this practice the better. However, if you want to get the most from live streaming on Facebook, you should create a concept and strategy and make the video content more enjoyable and shareable.

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