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The use of social media for business is not something new. After the initial success of Facebook, there were few other social media platforms that business owners and marketers have used to boost their sales and improve brand exposure. One of these social media platforms is Instagram. With more than 500 million active users each month, Instagram is a network that businesses can’t ignore. But, even if you are already using Instagram for business, you should know that you should keep making changes and trying different techniques to optimize your profile. We have prepared a short list of methods you can use to optimize your Instagram for business.

Use both images and videos to display your services and products

Instagram started as a photo-sharing app, but after a while, the app included video-sharing feature too. One of the best ways to optimize your Instagram is to create and share a business story with the help of these two types of media. Instead of sharing dull images or videos or your products placed on a white background, you can hire models that can use them or even better, use them yourself. Use interesting backgrounds to grab the attention of your followers.

Adding a clickable link to your profile

You have probably realized that you can share clickable links in your status updates, but there is an option for placing such link in your profile, right under the bio description. Obviously, the most logical solution is to add the link that goes to your website. Since you can change this clickable link you can sometimes add your landing page or lead generation page instead. In case you want to analyze the effects of the link you’ve shared, you can use some URL shortener.

Adding text over images

As previously mentioned, most people are active on Instagram because they like to see (and share) some good photos. Since it is sometimes a little bit difficult to share a business message only with an image, it might be a good idea to place text over the image. There are many different software solutions that can help you do this. Use modern font and make sure that the message is closely related to the image.


Use hashtags

It is very important to use adequate hashtags on your posts on Instagram. In this way, you will boost the reach, visibility, and engagement too. Of course, the hashtags must be easily associated with your business, the things you are sharing and your followers. Keep in mind that hashtags placed in Bio description box are not clickable, so don’t use them.

Use your business location as a Call To Action

Sharing images on this social media platform is easy, but there is one option that people often forget – adding a location in each post. This option can be adjusted and Instagram lets users share locations even though you might not be located there. So, use your physical store as a location and you will get another free CTA option. For instance, you can add your company’s name and add free seminar or season sales in addition to your location.

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