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Happy Friday! For today’s blog, enjoy learning about Patrick Veilleux, the Tampa Regional Director of Marketing for MyCity Social. If Patrick is your guru, you will enjoy this energetic, passionate and mile-per-minute personality. If you want to learn more about digital marketing for your small business in Tampa, FL contact us today!

Patrick, What Is Your Background? What Did You Do Before Working For MyCity Social?

Before I joined MyCity Social,  I was a freelance journalist with the Tampa Bay Times and I also worked for a chiropractic software company. I identified as a journalist, though. I really enjoyed promoting standout events and happenings with people in the area. Journalism is what I studied in college and it has given me the people skills I utilize here daily at our company.


How Did You End Up at MyCity Social?


Well, I saw the opportunity to work with small businesses and it really intrigued me. Social media management was what I was doing with the chiropractic company, and that atmosphere was what set me up for working with small business owners in the first place because that company did that with chiropractors. This company really allowed me to branch out and really do interesting things. I have worked with companies full of character and flair such as Pirate Fashions, Ricky P’s Creole Kitchen just to name a few.


While I have been with MyCity Social I have been able to work with small businesses that I find to be really cool, and I get to work with like-minded people.


It goes back to working with the small business owners. It really is all about the people I get to interact with. I get to work with characters that are hilarious and awesome. Andrew is this super buff persona and then you see this picture of him with his tiny Dachshund, and that he is sensitive, and well… it is awesome! Nisha is a firecrackers, and I can go on and on about each person here.



What is Your Least Favorite Part of Your Job?


I would say that my least favorite thing is that MyCity Social is a small business in and of itself and you have to wear a lot of different hats. On the other hand it is really cool that not every day is the same, but it also makes for an unpredictable environment.



Describe a Typical Day in the Life


I come into our office in Ybor in shorts and a Tee -shirt on a typical day I and usually with a coffee from Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks in hand. Upon arrival at the office, I  hunker down in front of the computer and start plugging away at work for my clients. What I am working on changes from minute to minute… from a big 80’s hair salon to a boat company. I create content for them, communicate with them and can really find myself joyfully working with my coffee,  headphones plugged in and enjoying the creative process.

What is Next For You?


Personally, I have a very strong interest in the theme park industry (not necessarily Disney World). I would really enjoy doing P.R. and marketing for one of those businesses (Seaworld, Aquatica, Universal, etc…). I have also become very comfortable here so I wouldn’t mind staying here either.


5 Fun Things About You. Dont Think, Go!


  1. I really enjoy video games!
  2. I am a pirate at heart
  3. I am na uber nerd…dungeons and dragons
  4. I enjoy long walks on the beach
  5. I enjoy going on road trips.


Hope you enjoyed this fun blog! If you would like to learn more about the service plans for digital marketing in Tampa, FL contact us today!


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