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Marketing is ever changing and evolving and our Miami Digital Marketing firm is always training and researching the latest trends in order to deliver the best service to our clients. Keep these social media updates in mind the next time you use them.


For all you Pintresters out there, get ready for the ‘Like’ button to go away. Pinterest has decided through thorough research that the ‘Like’ button has caused some confusion and that only having the ‘Save’ button makes the interface easier to understand and navigate. However, those past ‘likes’ can be saved to a new secret board only seen by you, or they can be divided up and moved to your personalized boards. By removing the choice to like an idea rather than saving it, Pinterest is able to narrow down even more what items pull up in your feed.


The social media update to LinkedIn’s Privacy Policy allows users to be more visible to third-parties. These third parties will view profiles in the efforts to connect their business with you and to offer opportunities to select individuals. LinkedIn will also look for accomplishments you may want to add to your profile, suggesting industry awards or professional accomplishments that may make you stand out above the crowd. You can also find members nearby through an app that allows you to meet up with them for meetings, lunch, etc. Productivity bots also help you break the ice and walk through simple conventional steps to make better connections with other professionals. If you’re uncomfortable with any of these options and/or the services they provide, or would like to return, you can always opt-in and out at any time.


You can now search twitter through emojis. This function allows users to see how different emojis or their combinations are being used. Emoji usability ranges from product brand loyalty to conventional societal expression through the use of picture icons.The advantage to this is being able to learn emoji language as to avoid communication misunderstandings. By searching how emojis are used in previous tweets, a user can decide whether they should used the new emoji they know nothing about or skip it to one they are more comfortable with.


Snapchat is adding a infinity timer and a new feature called Stories. The infinity timer allows your friends to watch your snap over and over until they’re finished with it. The Story function allows you to video wherever you are with the feature that your friends can add to the story as well. This feature is great whether you’re all out clubbing for the night, on a canoe trip, or at a birthday party. However, be advised that created Stories will disappear after 24 hours if someone does not add to it.


You can now make group payments through Messenger i.e. split the cost of delivery at the next frat party or ladies night in. With the success of Facebook Live, Messenger will continue to gain more functions as FB tests out new applications to make Messenger the go-to app as your digital planner, email, etc.


Instagram has added a new feature called Collections. Collections works very similarly to Pinterest but with your uploaded pictures. With Collections you can save your photos into different categories and organize your photos similar to Pinterest boards. Also, since “going live” has become such a big thing amongst all forms of social media, you can now save your live Instagram footage right to your phone. However, if you’re wanting to keep track of any likes, comments, and/or interactions, you’re probably better off still using FaceBook Live as only the video stream will be saved.

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