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If you’re looking to market yourself or your business, doing it digitally is the best way to do it in today’s modern age. With that said, have you ever heard of search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO? One of the best ways to market yourself digitally is to take advantage of search engine optimization with the help of SEO companies that can help your websites and social media reach the top of search engine results through web browsers. If you were going to offer dance classes in your area, you would want your website to come up first anytime someone searched for dance classes through Google, right? We at MyCity Social are an Orlando, Tampa, and Miami SEO Company able to help any client with their digital marketing needs. How do we do this? The key to it all is… well… keywords. Keywords are the crux of how search engine optimization works, and we’d like to share a little bit about them in more detail. When you know more about keywords and our experience with them, we hope you’ll search up us instead of “marketing companies near me.” Before we dig into keywords, though, let’s take a moment to break down search engine optimization.


What is Search Engine Optimization?

What is search engine optimization exactly? Does it sound intimidating? It may be easy to get overwhelmed by the notion, but we’ll break it down for you so it’s easy to understand. To put it in as few words as possible, search engine optimization is about creating or enhancing content for your website to increase the web traffic you receive. To do this, we use things like keywords, backlinks, and other elements to search engine optimization. Our experts at MyCity Social have the experience and knowledge to custom-craft content for your website designed to help increase the visibility of your company or brand. How exactly does search engine optimization do that, though? 


The main goal with search engine optimization is to boost the rate at which your website appears on search results. In the era of the internet, most people in the modern world rely on search engines to find literally anything and everything around them. Unless you live in a tiny town where you know the location of every business and building because it’s all within a few square miles, you probably don’t know every business in your local area. That’s not even counting the times you might be out traveling, whether for work or vacation. Instead of aimlessly wandering around, most people will jump on their phones or a computer to search for the things they’re looking for. You want to be the first link that pops up, right? With the help of SEO specialists, you can push your website further and further up the list, and every earlier page your website reaches, the more people will become exposed to your website, and thus your brand.


Keywords: The Crux of SEO Used By Marketing Companies Near Me

We mentioned keywords briefly, but what exactly are they, and how do they make search engine optimization work? First of all, a keyword is a search term used by web users looking to find certain things. Let’s go back to that dance class example from earlier. If you were looking to find a dance class in your area, what might you search in your prefered search engine? You might enter something like “dance classes near me,” or “Miami dance classes” if you are in the Miami area. These are keywords. In fact, we’re using a couple keywords in this very post! Can you guess what they are? One might be easy to find, but the other might be a little harder. We’ll reveal them both at the end so you can see for yourself.


At MyCity Social, we have software that helps us discover which keywords are best for our clients’ needs, thus helping them rise as high as possible in search engine results with each piece of content we add. That being said, there are some ways to come up with keywords manually, and thinking about this process can help you get a better understanding of the importance of keywords. Here are some things you should ask yourself when thinking about potential keywords:

  • What kinds of terms do you think people would use to find you?
    • What is the service or product you’re trying to provide? How do you think someone who wants what you provide would search for you? A great rule of thumb is to pretend you’re your own potential client. How would you go about finding your own brand? Thinking this way, you can get a picture of keywords you should focus on to help that theoretical web user find your site.
  • What’s the kind of term you want your website to be found for?
    • With this question, you want to think about keywords backwards. What keyword searches do you want to pull up on? This might be important to consider if the service or product you provide might be confusable with something else. Take bikes for example: are we talking about bicycles or motorcycles? If you’re selling bicycles, you’ll want to make sure you’re attracting an audience of people looking for bicycles, but not motorcycles.
  • What do you think the actual search query would look like?
    • Most of us subconsciously understand that entering a search query isn’t exactly like asking someone for directions from a person. We try to avoid fluff words that don’t really help the machine algorithm find what it is you’re looking for. Because of this, it can become easier to understand and predict how people will organize the keywords they’re using in their search query. Most of the time, the keywords are short, sweet, and exact. It’s not likely someone will enter “What’s a good place to get pizza in Orlando?” What is more likely is someone typing “Orlando Pizza.”


When you start to think about these ways of identifying the keywords you might want to use, you can start to see how they affect search engine optimization. If you sprinkle specific phrases throughout the content of your web pages, such as in specific blogs, you’re creating connection points between the content on your page and the potential keywords a web user might search for. It’s in these connection points that you’re essentially fishing for new consumers of your brand. Pull them in, let them learn your name and brand, and then suddenly, one more person knows who you are. That happens with each new user who stumbles onto your website through SEO content. There’s more to SEO than just keywords, though–more than we have the time to dig into. This is where SEO specialists come in. Search engine optimization companies are all about the workings of everything digital marketing, and it’s with these combined elements that you’ll see the results. You might start to notice how hiring an SEO company like MyCity Social can help you reach more people.


Who is MyCity Social?

We at MyCity Social are a team of talented specialists dedicated to helping our clients with search engine optimization-based services. We want to see your online presence grow, and your brand benefit from our digital marketing strategies. Whether you need someone to help you with social media management, pay per click marketing, or, of course, search engine optimization, we are the Orlando, Maimi, and Tampa SEO company you should call. Established in 2015, we have learned and grown by working with our clients, in their efforts to expand the reach of their brand through digital marketing. Our  offices are located in Orlando, Tampa, and Miami, Florida. If you are an up-and-coming business, a passionate freelancer, or just feel that your current online presence is lacking, we can work with you to grow your visibility and reach new viewers.


Additionally, we keep up-to-date reports on all our clients so that they can see how are services are benefiting them. We want you to thrive, and detailed SEO reports can help us track that progress. Working with us ensures that you’ll have a clear understanding of what we’re doing to benefit you, and enable you to see the fruits of our work at any point. If you feel your current viewers, clicks, and brand visibility is waning, we will help you battle that with quick strategies to redirect that. We believe this helps us develop strong  business relationships with our clients.


The Best Orlando, Tampa, and Miami SEO Company For You

Were you able to figure out what the keywords were for this blog? It might’ve been a little tricky since they were only in there a couple of times, but if you guessed “marketing companies near me” and “Miami SEO,” then you might have a knack for digital marketing!


Now that you understand more about keywords and how they help work to bring in more web users to your websites, are you ready to work with one of the top SEO companies in Florida, MyCity Social? Contact us today to work with our talented staff. We will work to expand the reach of your brand through search engine optimization, social media marketing, and more. Through the combination of our efforts, you’ll see the numbers of viewers, clicks, and backlinks on your site grow over time, expanding your brand’s visibility. In the age of the internet, there’s no better way to market your business and brand. 



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