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In today’s age, the internet has taken over the world of marketing. With web users being exposed to content from all angles when online, it’s no surprise that this is the case. There are many different elements that comprise of digital marketing, but have you heard of search engine optimization? Search engine optimization, or SEO, can be one of the most significant forms of digital marketing capable of pulling in a wider audience than a website might otherwise attract. Here at MyCity Social, we have a team of dedicated search engine optimization experts, as well as search engine optimization writers, and we are one of the top SEO companies in Florida. We are an Orlando, Miami, and Tampa SEO Company capable of assisting any search engine optimization clients regardless of location. For these reasons, you can trust us and our search engine optimization knowledge to help you understand how SEO can benefit your business or brand. What we’d like to take the time to talk about today is the importance of detailed SEO reports. Keeping documents is always a smart business move, as it can never hurt to have too much information. Before we dig into the specifics of how detailed search engine optimization reports are vital, let’s take a deeper look at exactly what search engine optimization is.


What is Search Engine Optimization?

So what is search engine optimization? If you aren’t already familiar, don’t worry. Our experts will make sure you have a clear understanding. The basic premise of search engine optimization is about creating or enhancing content for your website to increase the amount of web traffic it receives through the use of keywords. This may sound intimidating if you’re not familiar with the ins and outs of keywords, backlinks, and other aspects of SEO, but this is where the experts come in. Search engine optimization specialists, such as the ones here at MyCity Social, have the knowledge and understanding to do that work for you. They will work with their clients to increase the visibility of their website and brand. The main consequence of this is more web users coming into contact with the client’s brand and website, translating into more recognition of your brand. In a world where the internet rules the marketing world, this has a significant effect as a user unaware of a client’s brand will not be able to become a consumer of their product or service.


The objective with search engine optimization services is to work with the client and create website content to do all of these things.Whether you’re a business looking to gain more clients through increased website visibility, or even a freelancer looking to market their skills and talents, anyone can benefit from search engine optimization. Now, you might start to understand the value of a search engine optimization service, but it can be just as important to keep reports of your search engine optimization as is the process of optimizing your website in the first place.


Why The Top SEO Companies Rely on Detailed SEO Reports

First and foremost, what exactly is a detailed SEO report? This is a collection of data regarding progress your web content is showing over time. How many clicks is your site getting? Where is your website ranking in search engine results? How many backlinks are you developing? These are all things that will be logged into an SEO report. This helps to give you, the client, a tangible set of data to base your progress off of. This not only gives you a clear image of how much progress you’re making, but also where your money is going. If you’re going to hire experts to increase web traffic to your website, you want to see results, right?


A detailed SEO report can track a large quantity of specific information regarding the search engine optimization process. Search engine optimization isn’t something done for fun, after all. It’s done to bring in a larger clientele. With effective search engine optimization, a client’s website can climb the search engine results page of commonly used keywords regarding the client’s brand or business. If you’re a spa service in Tampa, you want your website to be the one on top of the search results anytime someone enters “Spas in Tampa,” right? How can you know how effective your search engine optimization efforts are if you aren’t properly documenting them in a report? By getting to see the results firsthand, you can be reassured that your money is an investment that’s helping your business grow.


The Benefits of A Strong SEO Report

Knowing what kind of progress your search engine optimization results are yielding is a great boon and can help you feel confident in the SEO company you’re working with. That’s not the end of the story, however, as there are more things that you can benefit from when maintaining a strong SEO report. Here are some other pros to detailed SEO reports:

  • Reports can highlight problem areas
    • While reports can log in growth and increases in various factors, it will also show you areas that are falling in numbers. There are a multitude of reasons why a website or social media page may be losing views even with the assistance of a search engine optimization team. A report helps you to identify what aspects are failing and allow you to correct whatever issues are holding them back. Dropping numbers isn’t something that has to be permanent after all. Being proactive can help you combat those, and reports help you do this as soon as possible.
  • Reports will track new backlinks, shares, views, and clicks
    • It’s one thing to know you’re getting more shares, more views, etc., but it’s another thing to be able to see exact numbers and where they’re coming from. A detailed SEO report can give you specific information on everything new your website gains.
  • Reports can show new sales being made
    • Much like their ability to track backlinks, clicks, and more, reports can also track online sales. If what your site offers is something that can involve transactions, a detailed SEO report can allow you to log those sales as well. This can be a nice benefit to helping you manage your products.
  • Reports can help you develop new strategies
    • Getting to see exactly how your website progresses across your service gives you a lot of information from a lot of different points. This can help the experts working with you to work on and improve your digital marketing strategies by tackling weak points and highlighting strong ones. The more information you have, the more well-crafted plans you can create.
  • Reports can measure the client’s financial investment
    • We mentioned how seeing the details of an SEO report can show you that you’re money isn’t going to waste, but it’s worth mentioning again. When hiring SEO specialists to improve your digital marketing strategies, you’re entrusting them with your business investment. You will want to see exactly how much that investment has paid off, and a detailed SEO report can give you specific information on just that.


Who is MyCity Social?

We at MyCity Social are a team of dedicated specialists committed to helping our clients with search engine optimization-based services. We want to see your online presence grow, and your business to benefit from our digital marketing strategies. Whether you need help with social media management, pay per click marketing, newsletter creation, or, of course, search engine optimization, we are the Orlando, Maimi, and Tampa SEO company you should call. We place your success and growth as our highest priority when working with you. Established in 2015, we have grown by working with our clients, helping them expand their clientele through our tried-and-true digital marketing techniques. We have offices located in Orlando, Tampa, and Miami, Florida. If you are an up-and-coming business, a passionate freelancer, or just feel that your current online presence is lacking, we are the company for you.


Additionally, we always keep up-to-date reports on all our clients and update them regularly to maintain current and accurate information. Our goal is to see you thrive, and with detailed SEO reports, we can do just that. Should you work with us, you’ll have the benefit of constant access to information on your most recent SEO reports so that you’ll always have a clear picture of how you’re performing. When partnering with our client, if we see declining numbers, we will respond with immediate strategies to turn those around right at the start. This helps us cultivate a long-lasting relationship with our clients filled with growth and progress.


The Best Orlando, Miami, and Tampa SEO Company For You

Now that you’ve learned more about the value of detailed SEO reports and how they can help you see the fruits of your investment, are you ready to work with one of the top SEO companies: MyCity Social? Reach out today for SEO services in Tampa, Orlando, Miami, or anywhere else. We will work to expand your online presence and maintain detailed reports so you can see just how effective your investment will be. Our team of skilled SEO specialists, digital marketers, and writers are here to help your company grow a greater following and expand your brand visibility. Together, we will help to nourish your online brand and increase the clientele accessibility of your website.


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