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If you have Kim as your digital marketing guru, you know that this dedicated and hilarious guru is extremely dedicated to her work. Learn a little bit about Kimberly Mas in this blog and what led her into digital marketing in Orlando.


What Did You Do Before MyCity Social?


Before coming to the United States, I had been studying Tourism Management for 2 years when I lived in Peru. When I moved here, I began studying Film Production Technology in Valencia College. I graduated with my Associates in Science and obtained a technical certification.


Workwise, I was working in television for Telemundo in Miami and Orlando upon moving. I was working there for 2 years and was heavily involved with everything that had to do with the music awards and various soap opera programs. Some of the notable award shows I worked in were Premios Tu Mundo, The Latin Billboard Awards, and the Latin American Music Awards, just to name a few. For the award shows I began as a talent escort and I finished my time there with the title of  Travel Assistant.  I also worked on La Voz Kids during season 2 and season 3. I started there as an Audience Coordinator and ended as a Talent Assistant.


During this time I also began teaching myself about digital marketing in Orlando, and really delving into the study of digital marketing. I started working for a small digital marketing company to further my skills.


How Did You End Up at MyCity Social


I came to MyCity Social because television work is seasonal and I needed something full time. I had the opportunity to earn a steady income if I joined MyCity Social and the company allows me to do the work that I enjoy (digital marketing in Orlando).


What Is Your Favorite Part About Your Job Or Your Favorite Task?

I love graphic design! This is my favorite part of my job. I like to create, and each day is different when you are able to do this. I do not like to do the same thing every day, so this gives me creative freedom.


What Is Your Least Favorite Task or Part of Your Job?


I don’t really have anything that I do not like. It is all the same to me as I really enjoy what I do.


What is a Typical Day Like Kim?


I enter the office, and I eat breakfast while I review all of my emails. After that, I open up Asana and begin looking through my tasks for the day and I select the easiest one’s to tackle first.


Once those are finished, I delve into the harder, more tedious items. Upon completion of my daily tasks, I organize and prepare my area and duties for the next day.  


I really enjoy listening to music and watching videos as I work ( as a creative mind I cannot focus on just one thing at a time). I have to be doing may things to stay sharp. I need constant stimulation so that I never become bored.


Where Do You Plan to Be in 5 Years?


I see myself traveling around the world, helping people and animals. I love to rescue animals and I would like to open a shelter for them. I also enjoying volunteering my time to help the extremely poor in this country.


5 Fun Facts About You…GO!


  1. Yesterday I began making illustrations
  2. I play guitar
  3. I love dancing
  4. I am not a serious person at all. I love to make people laugh all day.
  5. I have always had good grades (I never studied and I always had the highest grades)


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