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In the world of online marketing, both social media and search engine optimization are the two most common ways of performing inbound content marketing. Both center around creating content, promoting the content and measuring the results, but the similarities end there. Read below for an in-depth look into the difference between social media and SEO according to MyCity Social experts.


Results Timeframe


When our clients are debating over which package to select for their business (the digital marketing package or the SEO package), one of the main topics of discussion is the speed in which they can expect to see results.


Social media by its’ very nature works quickly and clicks/actions can happen within a few minutes. With Social Media, the marketer can create a carefully designed post, and using a set budget, promote it to their the pages following and their friends. Gaining a following in the first place is what takes a good length of time (typically, 4-6 months). On the downside, as soon as the promoted post or social media activities stop, no more results are produced. In essence, efforts must be ongoing, or else no results will be seen.


Search engine optimization is quite the opposite. The search engine optimization specialist will spend months optimizing the website using a wide variety of techniques so that all the content can be easily read by the search engines and indexed quickly. Extensive work is also done so that the website is brought to a high level of health and crawlability. A massive amount of keyword research is implemented, and once everything comes together in the eye of the search engine, results can begin to be seen typically within 3-6 months for most industries.


Once the website is ranking highly, the results last for a nice amount of time (months), and it is only a matter of upkeep and ranking other keywords highly in addition to the initial ones.


In summary, social media results can be seen very rapidly but the results will only last as long as the promotion or social media upkeep is done. SEO takes time to build, but once the content ranks, results can be seen for a good length of time.


Audience and Conversion


Social media marketing focuses on targeting visitors based on their profile information such as sports they play, groups they below to, age, demographic, location and etc… It is all about drawing them in with an emotional post that caters to who they are as a person.


By nature, social media users are simply browsing through the feed, not in search of anything to buy. It is all about building community and trust in social media.


On the other hand, SEO is all about writing content that resolves a problem or provides the answer to the needs/questions a user has. In general, online searchers are conducting research and often searching with the intent to purchase something to resolve their query. Because of this, online searchers are more likely to buy compared to social media users.


Search engine optimization focuses on what a person may be thinking in order to find what they need. Content that is detailed (550-1000 words), rich in information and aimed at helping the reader find what they need easily, do very well and lead to conversion.
While there is much more to discuss on the difference between social media and SEO, we sincerely hope here at MyCity Social that the points discussed in this blog helped to explain the main differentiators and make it all a little more clear. To learn more about MyCity Social and their Digital Marketing or Search Engine Optimization packages, please visit: www.

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