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Everyone online is trying to one-up each other, especially when it comes to rankings. Most Miami SEO companies will tell you that competition is not a bad thing, and sometimes it’s not so much about the competition but how you refine your blogs and what you are offering.

You can easily do a 2,500-word blog about SEO but unless it reaches the right person, most Miami SEO companies will tell you that it will not help much.

You could also publish more than five blogs each day, but they will need to be read by the right people to make an impact and add value to your site. Here are a few tips on how you can get the most out of your online blogs;

Write Proven Topics

Your blogs need to have topics that you are not only passionate about but also topics that most people are passionate about as well. SEO services in Miami will offer you a list of the most engaging topics that you can use to turn bland articles into traffic.

This however doesn’t mean that you should write about everything you are passionate about, but rather choose a niche and focus on it. The best topics are those that will drive results and provide you with great traffic.

Use Catchy Headlines

Your proven topics should come with proven headlines and titles as well. It is recommended that you should spend 80% of your time researching headlines and only 20% creating the actual content. You should make use of tools that help with headlines.

Use the Right Formatting

The right formatting should be scannable. This should hook your readers and not scare them away. The main reason why most people write in bite-sized chunks and bold headlines is to make it scannable.

For example, the best Miami SEO company will tell you to ensure that someone can quickly go through your content without necessarily reading it completely just to get a glimpse and an idea of what you have written about.

When formatting, do the following;

  • Quickly emphasize your main key points by using headings and subheadings.
  • Ensure to write in small and easily digestible sentences.
  • Be sure to use bullet points and any other segmentation you know to break down the text and also use images to break it down.

Ask Other Experts to Guest Post

Most Miami SEO companies will advise you on this. Be sure to guest post whenever possible, as a strategy to increase traffic to your blog.

You will also be able to improve the quality of the blog when you offer others the opportunity to post on your behalf. Do not just offer the spots to anyone, but look for experts in the industry you are writing about.

Not only will this boon your credibility but it will also bring back traffic and make you into an authority site for that topic. It is a nice little SEO boost for your website.


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