Miami SEO contracts last a year longOne question that I often receive when attending initial meetings with clients is , “Why are SEO contracts a year long?”. While this may seem like a long time from the onset, our Miami SEO expert is here to explain why this length of time is necessary and the terms that fall under the time clause of our contracts.

SEO Is Highly Competitive

When it comes to Miami SEO, simply put, it is quite competitive to rank! Miami is a bustling, busy, and thriving community full of businesses just like yours that are trying to obtain their piece of the market share pie. Often times, many of the industry players have already started and SEO and catching you up to them, and then surpassing them is a monumental task.

By its very nature, SEO takes time to implement. Why? Every line of code, every word, every image….everything, must be optimized and made clear to the robots that scan your website. As you can imagine this is quite a tedious job, and takes months to do. Once that first part of SEO is completed, then it is a matter of using more advanced tactics to continue to boost your rankings in the search engine results page.

What I have found in my years of performing SEO for hundreds of companies is that it takes 3-6 months to begin ranking well online for a small business (mom and pops style). It takes roughly 6 months- to a year to begin ranking for a competitive industry such as medical practices, attorneys, and car companies. In fact, when competition is very high (many companies in your given field in one are), it can take 12-16 months to rank well for malls, attorney in a high density area, and surgeons for example.

Why do I share this? Because these are the realistic expectations of how long it will take to sift through every piece of your website and convince Google that your business should be the top choice when clients are searching online for your services.

I Get It, But What If I Want My SEO Contract to Last 3 Months as a Trial?

Based upon what I just wrote above, in 3 months you cannot expect to see the full fledge or results. You need to give SEO the adequate amount of time to propagate and show up. Think of this in terms of a cut. You can place a bandage over it, and wait 7 days until it fully heals and experience great results, or you can take the bandage off after only 3 days and possibly infect the wound or even obtain a scar. With SEO you need to wait the full period of time recommended, in order to see the results.

Once the results start to show in the SERP (Search engine results page), it is magic from there and continual upkeep. The idea is to outrank your competition by so much where we make it difficult for them to catch up.

Can You negotiate a shorter contract term, sure, but you are simply going to do yourself a disservice as if no one explains it to you, you won’t know that you need to wait more than 3 months for Google to digest all the SEO work that has been building up for the first 3 months.

Serious About Getting Results?

If you are serious about having your products and service being found online, you need to allow the correct amount of time to pass for the engine to start rolling when it comes to SEO. After reading this blog, it should be clear why a year is our minimum contract term. We aren’t like other companies that make empty promises. We want you to see real results and know the strategies and time estimations because of our vast expertise in this arena. You can read more about our SEO program here: and if you have any more questions, feel free to call us today: 1-866-955-3287


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