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Twitter Safety For Internet Marketing in Tampa

Social media is a great way to connect with friends, family, acquaintances, and customers. Business that use social media for Internet marketing, however, should limit their social media use to interactions with their customers. Holding personal conversations on your business account isn’t professional, after all.

Although the potential threats that come with the Internet and social media have been stressed for over a decade, many people still don’t take it seriously. Too much information is revealed on social media accounts, which criminals can use to either find where you live or steal your identity.

Some social media sites have been criticized for not taking their users’ safety more seriously. Twitter, on the other hand, is taking safety precautions for its users. At MyCity Social, we take your privacy and safety seriously too when offering our services for internet marketing in Tampa.

Possible Safety Concerns on the Internet

Some of the problems that can occur on the Internet that threaten someone’s safety are cyberbullying, identity theft, stalking, and burglary. If you reveal too much information about yourself in your social posts, a criminal can piece the information together to determine your typical daily schedule. They could rob your home while you’re away or attack you. A common mistake people make is posting vacation pictures while on traveling. This shows thieves that you’re far away from home.

Kim Kardashian said she thinks one reason she was robbed was because she posted pictures of her new jewelry often. Concerned for her safety, she is now being more careful about her social media usage. She’s a celebrity example, but similar events happen to the average person too.

What Twitter is Doing to Improve Safety for Its Users

Twitter promised in January 2017 that they would ramp up efforts to make the site a safer place for users. Examples of features Twitter offers to improve your safety are hiding potentially abusive content, temporarily restricting offending accounts, and implementing “time-outs”. You also now have the ability to mute certain keywords from your timeline. This can help you stop abusive tweets from flooding your notifications.

Get a lot of spam or troll accounts in your notifications? You can curb this problem by filtering out notifications from people who have the default avatar (egg image) or who haven’t verified their email accounts. By reporting a tweet that’s abusive, Twitter may choose to temporarily restrict their account or give them a “time-out” in which their tweets are only seen by their followers for a certain time period.

While the Internet is a great tool for connecting with people around the world and marketing businesses, you must take some safety precautions. Criminals can sometimes find out where you live or gain access to your accounts through the information you leak on your social media accounts. There’s also the problem of cyberbullying that can be hard to ignore.

Fortunately, Twitter has implemented several features that allow you to literally tune out trolls, hateful tweets, and other abuse. Their mute feature enables you to mute certain words, phrases, and usernames from your notifications and/or timeline. Whether you use Twitter for internet marketing in Tampa or personal use, it’s important to keep yourself safe. Remember to not share too much information about your personal life. If you don’t want to handle your social media accounts on your own, you can hire a reputable company like MyCity Social that understands how the top social media sites work down to the safety features. You can contact us today at 866-955-3287 or visit our website at


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