For years, some webmasters believed that an audio version of a text post enhances search engine optimization. However, a meeting held earlier this year proved that this notion is yet another search engine optimization myth. What did they discuss? If an audio version of a post offers SEO benefits, does that mean it has no significant value? You will have to read on to find out! Would you love to have SEO specialists work on your website in Tampa? MyCity Social offers the best SEO services your company needs!

Do Audio Versions Of Text Posts Offer SEO Benefits?

On February 12, Google’s John Mueller was asked a question during the Google Search Central Hangout. The question targeted the relationship between audio versions of text posts and search engine optimization. He was asked: “Will adding audio files of a page help with SEO in any way?” Why was this question raised? Lately, more publishers have continually accompanied their posts with audio recording, so publishers want to know if it offers any benefits to search ranking. Well, Muller’s response was both enlightening and surprising! Muller made it clear that Google does not treat audio content differently, unlike video and photo content. That is, they are not processed individually. Muller said: As far as he understands, when a publisher adds an audio version of a text to a post, it doesn’t hurt ranking, yet it doesn’t help it either. He noted that they do nothing with audio versions of a text. So, if publishers are willing to incorporate audio recordings in their posts, they are free. 

But, will a page not be viewed as high quality because it contains both text and audio compared to a single page with only written text? Mueller’s answer stays consistent with the original one provided. He maintained that Google wouldn’t view a page as higher quality due to duplicate content. Nevertheless, there might be indirect benefits. One of these indirect benefits is that the page might get more shares, likes, and reads. If users find the information more useful and they keep sharing it, it might be an added advantage for ranking. But never will the ranking factor be because there are multiple versions of content on a website, and there is one on another website. Therefore, you should not think that your page with more duplicate content will rank higher than others. In addition, comments from Mueller suggest that more benefits come from adding video or images to a page. This is because those contents tend to rank separately. But with audio files, there is no independent set of search rankings.

Furthermore, Mueller emphasized that videos and images rank independently. You can search for photos and videos, and you’ll have them come up. But there is no separate audio search where your audio page could rank. Moreover, the closest that could come is the podcast search. And that is linked to podcast formats. So, just having the audio version of your page wouldn’t influence anything automatically. What is the way out for publishers? While they can still invest in audio recordings, they shouldn’t expect any direct link between them and search engine optimization. In the future, things can change, but right now, if you can invest more time in other forms of multimedia, you will be stunned at the result. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using multimedia in a text? Let us find out!

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Multimedia

It is common knowledge that to get low bounce rates and high conversion rates on your web pages, and you should never rely on texts alone. In 2021, this still rings true. But there is more!

Advantages Of Multimedia- Each year, there is always an increase in video consumption. In a 2018 survey, for example, more than 80% of consumers said that they are willing to see more videos from business owners and brands. Recently, HubSpot carried out another research. The research validates the earlier one and also proves that expectations keep growing by the day. If you sell a product, you should invest more in explainer videos. These videos give clear explanations on how each of your products works. It explains how to install and emphasizes why they are great products. The good news is, more schools have been incorporating and leveraging the benefits of multimedia in education to enhance and groom incoming generations to depend on videos as a learning tool. Your audience will respond better to a combination of varying media. While it is true the text will never go extinct, a growing number of your consumers would prefer to watch a video or listen to an audio file of your product. And if you own an e-commerce website, it will be helpful to incorporate multimedia. 

Disadvantages Of Multimedia- The two obvious disadvantages of multimedia are that video takes a long time to run. Also, it requires a lot of money to produce a quality video that will influence your consumers or potential consumers to take action. A few years ago, many web owners could get a quick video on their smartphone and then upload it on their website. But all that has changed! Many businesses and even amateur vloggers have upped their game. A quick place to verify that is on YouTube. You can see production values that are of high quality. Additionally, video appsfor editing and adding several features to your videoare expensive. If you have zero or less skill, the result of your video won’t stand a chance to win the heart of your customers. Well, a web owner might resolve to hire a professional for that task, but remember, it’s going to be an additional cost.

Problems To Watch Out For- When you are using video on your web pages, there are two potential issues you should be on the lookout for. These are slow loading times and inaccurate bounce rates. It is best to turn off the autoplay button on all of your videos. If your videos start automatically, they will slow down your webpage loading time. And this will make your Google analytic think that people are interacting with your page when in the real sense, they are not. As some experts suggest, Google frowns at auto-playing videos. Hence you shouldn’t even try it at all. The next thing to avoid is page-loading issues. To avert that, employ a web developer to ensure that your videos begin to load till the whole content is finished loading. If you aren’t sure of how you can get that done, you can speak with professional SEO experts. Or, another alternative is to upload on YouTube. This is especially good if you are worried about web servers and bandwidth. After that, you can then embed the link on your page. You will obtain all the benefits that way. 

Tips To Get Started- If you don’t have the resources to hire a professional, does that mean you can’t enjoy the benefits that come with incorporating multimedia in your text? No! If you have a smartphone with a quality camera, you can still get high production values. You have to invest in inexpensive apps that will allow you to cut scenes and include short animated graphics at the start of each video with your brand logo. You can hire a few folks on Fiverr who will help you execute that at a reasonable price. What are some of the things your video can include? Here are a few suggestions to incorporate:

  • Tutorials
  • Explainers
  • Presentation
  • Product videos
  • Video blogs
  • Customer testimonials
  • Webinars
  • Interviewers  

You do not have to run feature-length movies on your web page. All you need is short, concise videos. They often work best. Experts advise that web owners should limit videos to two to three minutes and check how effective they are. Then, you can invest in longer-length videos.

Why You Need SEO Experts

You need quality content to accompany your multimedia, and that is one of the reasons to hire a team of SEO experts who are well-versed in SEO. These experts are experienced in creating content that is healthy for search engine optimization. Additionally, they have link-building methods that are relevant and will drive improvements to your website traffic and rankings. They help clients in targeting many keywords and increasing the time spent on the website by visitors. If you need to convert traffic to sales, you cannot get it wrong with SEO professionals. All SEO professionals live by these excellent three-stage processes. These include:

  1. Offering free in-depth SEO audit to establish site present condition
  2. Address the issue they found during the SEO audit
  3. Focus on user engagement to enhance rankings and traffic by using key phrases you are targeting.


Now that you have learned that audio versions of text posts do not offer any SEO benefits, what’s next? Hire an SEO expert for a complete site audit! Located in Tampa, MyCity Social is home to professional experts who will help you analyze what multimedia works best for your audience and how best to implement it. If you also need an expert SEO content creator, contact us today!


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