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Are you a brand that is trying to market around the election? Here at MyCity Social, we give you tips and advice on online marketing and how your brand can succeed at marketing around the election. We understand how challenging it can be to come up with ideas for this election since it is probably the most important election in history. We live in a time where people are divided due to their political beliefs, so brands are having a challenging time deciding how to promote the election while still staying neutral. We have witnessed many brands market themselves successfully and receive amazing feedback from customers. However, there are other brands that have not succeeded as much, and customers have been outraged. For example, there have been many differences in beliefs when it comes to COVID-19, such as opening up the country again fully or not. On the one hand, keeping the country on lockdown will cause many people to lose their jobs, and they will not be able to support their families or themselves. This could then lead to losing their homes due to not paying bills. On the other hand, opening the country will spread the virus around even faster, and more and more people will pass away, and the virus will not remain under control. There is also the Black Lives Matter movement occurring which is causing people to believe that it’s peaceful while others see it as violent. On the one hand, people view this movement as necessary in showing people that the movement will stand up for what they believe in by protesting in many parts of the world. On the other hand, people view this movement as destructive and not helpful with the important message that they are trying to get across. We want to make sure that your marketing strategies meet everyone in the middle no matter what their political or moral beliefs are. Your brand should not be something that causes more uproar and controversy, but rather, something that opens people’s minds up to the state of the world and where we should all stand. It’s important to market your brand in a way that shows something people are passionate about while not saying anything too extreme or even offensive. It’s also important to stick to your personal beliefs as a brand, so consumers know where to stand, but in a respectful way. These can be tricky strategies for brands to abide by, which is why we are here to help! You can rest assured that you will learn a lot from the information we provide so you can gain better peace of mind for your brand. We have an SEO Tampa locals swear by so take our advice because we are the best in Tampa!


Our Advice For Online Marketing 

You are probably wondering what our advice is for marketing around this election. We have an SEO Tampa residence love so you can rest assured that our advice works for brands! Something that you can do to make sure your brand is successful is to be as positive as you can. Keeping a positive perspective will diminish any doubts or negative thoughts you have about your brand. Another thing you can do is to customize your brand. There are many online tools that are available for you to use in terms of advertising, settings, and your feet. This will help customize for the election. Something else you can do is avoid criticizing other people. We understand that in times like these, many people have differences in opinions, but we recommend that you keep a good name for your brand by ignoring strong disagreements. At the same time, it’s important to take a stance one way or another in a tasteful way because consumers like seeing brands that stand up for similar beliefs. For example, many consumers stop purchasing from brands because they are not LGBTQ friendly, they don’t stick up for climate change, and they are discriminatory over ethnic backgrounds. There is a way to include various types of beliefs within your brand in a classy way so consumers can appreciate your stance on whatever issue you are putting out there as a brand.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to always fact check. You don’t want to be known as the brand that markets misinformation! On the same note, make sure you watch or read as much information as you can before you speak on other brands or for your own brand.


How Your Brand Can Succeed 

Even if you as an individual are taking the necessary steps to market yourself around the election well, it takes your entire team to be successful. We want to share some ways that your brand can market around the election successfully. One tip we want to share is to use any leverage that you have. This is to say, do not become too aggressive with your marketing tactics for consumers, but make sure that you use your brand to stand up for what you believe in so consumers can recognize your brand in that light. You might even have influence over the election results! Another tip we have is to prepare yourself with content, political ads, and some sort of plan regarding anything from electoral votes to social issues. Preparing is key to having a successful brand because there is a lot of protocols around when and when not to advertise or promote political ideas within your brand. Make sure that you give your brand around ten days for advertising eligibility or else you might be in trouble, and you won’t be able to share the work you put into advertising. Also, we recommend that you make sure to take a stand for what you believe in for your brand. It’s a tricky grey area when it comes to taking a stand but being classy with your brand and sticking to the theme of your brand overall. Make sure you market something sweet and simple instead of something really intense. It’s also important to do your research and keep in mind that other brands might have the same idea as you, so don’t copy anyone! We also encourage you to stay genuine in your advertisement ideas. Believe it or not, consumers can tell when a brand is forcing their opinions into the public and when it’s genuine. Come together as a brand and think about what you truly believe in and not what the public wants to hear. Consequently, our final tip is to think about what the consumers will want to purchase. Remember, you are still a brand, so make sure that you are putting out great quality products that people will be interested in on top of advertising. 


It’s Your Vision 

Above all else, our SEO Tampa locals swear by and would tell you that it’s your vision and your choice of how to market your brand. The beauty of having your own brand is being able to be as creative as possible with very minimal boundaries. This is your platform and opportunity to help people see things from a new perspective and how you can show the public that big-named brands are also passionate about helping the world. Even though brands are meant for consumers to enjoy products from, taking a stand on something as important as this election in a creative way can do wonders for you. With our help, you will be able to market your brand successfully, and you can feel confident in maintaining a balance between your opinion and what all consumers would want. We understand that having a brand is exciting, but that it comes with a lot of responsibility. It can be stressful for brands to come up with their own ideas while abiding to what consumers want. That is why we provide the information that we do so that you can be as successful as possible with your vision. 


Contact Us 

MyCity Social are professionals who know how to help your brand succeed with online marketing around the election. We have loads of experience and knowledge when it comes to marketing and helping brands succeed no matter what their vision is and what they are trying to portray to the public. Sometimes brands need some extra advice when it comes to controversy so they can feel confident in their marketing strategies instead of unsure, and we are here to do that! With strong differences in opinion regarding the election, we can help you market your brand in the best way possible! Your brand will be able to advertise for ideas that you strongly believe in so consumers will gain even more respect for you for using your platform for more than just making money. The goal is to be a successful brand as a whole, but it’s also to show consumers that you genuinely care about issues going on in the world. With that being said, call or visit us today in Tampa for more information or advice on how to market your brand successfully.


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