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As a website owner, do not be too preoccupied with your perception of what you think the users of your website want. Also, think about the fundamentals that make the use of the internet popular, that is speed. Instead of pouring sweat and blood into creating elaborate user interfaces filled up with slides, videos, music, and other web design elements, think about speed. If a customer visits your beautiful but heavy site, tries to open it, and it takes ages to load, they will hop into another site. Therefore, improve the situation before it is too late by optimizing your website speed.

How to Improve Website Performance?

  • Mobile Experience Optimization

Many site visitors are using mobile phones. Therefore, it is no longer adequate only to have websites working on desktop computers and laptops. The mobile experience of your site is essential as well. Therefore, to undertake a mobile experience optimization, you can run a basic mobile usability test like the Mobile-Friendly Test of Google to improve website performance. Test all pages to ensure they have good adaptability to every screen size. Also, ensure that your site loads on mobile phones quickly and correctly, texts are easy to read, every content is visible, your site is easy to navigate, no pop-ups show up on the mobile platform. With this optimization, you will get more visitors to your site, and search engines will also reward you.

  • Improve the Speed of Your Page

Always know that a load time of five seconds and above often leads to a 35-38 percent bounce rate. Therefore, you will experience a low bounce rate if your website loads faster. Thus, speed will directly affect your SEO. You can investigate website speed optimization using tools like Google’s Pagespeed Insights and Pingdom Website Speed Test.

  • Website Speed Optimization for Search Engine Optimization

Did you know that approximately 70 % of marketers find SEO being more effective than PPC? Therefore, you can get ahead with your search engine being adequately optimized. Many people prefer and trust search engine results that are purely organic more than advertisements. If you have quality content relevant to what users are searching for, Google will co-assign you. Therefore, first, ensure that Google is indexing all your pages correctly. Also, ensure that you have no glaring SEO errors.

All in all, the process of optimizing your website speed entails using advanced strategies, tools, and experiments to boost or improve your website’s performance, drive more traffic, grow your revenue, increase the rates of conversion. To optimize your website, you need to carry out mobile optimization, improve the speed of your website, improve its usability, user-friendliness, and SEO optimization, among other ways.


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