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Orlando SEO CompanyIt is 2017, and if you have noticed that while visiting some of your favorite websites, a browser presents a warning when saying that “the site’s Certificate Authority is untrusted”. In fact,  you may find that your own website is presenting this warning to visitors! What can you do to stop this, and why is this happening? Not to worry, your favorite Orlando SEO Company, MyCity Social, is here to help!


What is HTTPS?

When you visit a website, and have the capability to log in and manage an account, it is extremely important for the safety of your private payment information and identity that those details remain private between you and the service provider holding those delicate details.

Sometimes you will notice as you surf the web, that a small lock icon will appear right next to the url of the page you are on. This is where “Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure or HTTPS comes in. What HTTPS does, is that it indicates that a website has taken the extra step to keep your data safe by having data sent between you and the site encrypted, so that your private information is kept that way and not accessed by hackers.

What is an SSL Certificate?

This provides privacy, internet security, and protection of the website owner and the user sensitive information that is passed along in the website. When you purchase an SSL certificate, it encrypts the data that passes from your website to the server. It is important to understand that data you insert onto a website must travel from computer to computer until it reaches its’ final destination, the server. All the computers it passes through can see sensitive data such as credit card numbers in the process. With an SSL certificate, this data becomes encrypted/unreadable to anyone except the server you are sending the information to.

In addition to encryption, the SSL certificate is important as it provides authentication. How do you know if the data arrived at the right server and not a fake one trying to steal people’s identities? This is truly the magic behind SSL certificates.

In order to obtain an SSL certificate, website owners must pass through several layers or authentication and identity checks to ensure that someone is indeed the website owner and not a spammer or hacker.

With so many scams online, fake website, and other hacking methods, online security is now more important than ever. So much so that Google and other browser are rolling out strong initiatives to motivating website owners to purchase an SSL certificate

What Is Google Transparency?

For years, Google has been talking about how in 2017 it would begin to make moves to make HTTPS compliance a must-do for website owners. Through the use of a lock icon symbol, and most recently the warning pop-ups that are appearing on non-secured websites that say “The Sites Security Certificate is not trusted”. When a user lands on your website and sees a warning message like that, it makes them feel a sense of insecurity on your website and will lead to many clicks away. This is currently showing on Google Chrome only, but may be adopted by other browsers in the  future as well.

Google Transparency is the name for this movement, and other browsers have jumped on the bandwagon.

How much does a SSL Certificate cost?

Costs vary depending on just how in-depth you want your security to reach, but in general you can find prices ranging from free (for minimal level of security service) to thousands of dollars for large scale corporations needing many layers of security checks.

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