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Orlando SEO CompanyWhile not a well known fact, quality website design is essential for effective SEO marketing. MyCity Social, an Orlando SEO company, places a large amount of emphasis on the quality of design and how it looks on all devices.

Having a responsive website will help increase your ranking online and drive more customers to your business.

How an Orlando SEO Company uses WordPress

WordPress is the most popular website design platform in existence. With over 70 million websites currently running on this platform, WordPress accounts for more than a third of all websites in the world.

WordPress is unlike any other web design and development platform. A database is already automatically created, along with a development base that gives designers a head start. This cuts down on the amount of time it takes to complete the development process, which reduces the amount of money needed to be spent by the client.

MyCity Social uses WordPress to create attractive and responsive websites for their clients. They use WordPress because the platform generates clean code, is fast, SEO friendly, and allows for blog posts to be published with the click of a button.

Why Use WordPress?

WordPress is so popular among designers for a number of reasons:

Themed Layout Approach-WordPress offers design consistency across the entire site, regardless of how many pages are published. This is because the designer installs a theme for every site, which is then automatically duplicated every time a new page is created.

Mobile Readiness– Before WordPress, designers would have to create an additional website just for individuals who were trying to access it from a mobile device. All WordPress websites are automatically responsive on all devices, which means the designer only has to create one website.

Easy to Integrate Social Profiles– WordPress is so intuitive that it automatically integrates social media buttons on every site. A marketing expert can then connect those social media buttons to relevant social profiles and set up automatic content feeds as necessary. With this feature, there is no need to copy and paste content from the website to every social media profile.

Why WordPress is SEO Friendly

Ever since the beginning of WordPress, the platform has used a simplified and streamlined approach to HTML5 coding. This means that there isn’t excessive code that search engine spiders need to crawl through in order to find what they are looking for.

Beyond basic coding principles, the platform allows the Orlando SEO company to implement a variety of plugins and tools within the administrative area to help streamline the marketing process and ensure that all SEO requirements have been met.

There are a number of different platforms and content management systems that are popular among designers and developers. MyCity Social prefers WordPress because it’s cost effective, mobile responsive and SEO friendly. The platform allows for a fully functional and attractive website to be built without having to spend a fortune on coding something from scratch.

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