orlando seo expert shares about their day

Each morning I am the first one in the office. I arrive, turn on the lights, rev up the computer and turn on all three monitors I will need to keep me organized throughout the day. My job as an Orlando SEO Expert is one that I take very seriously, and quite frankly love.

After my first sip of water, I open up my email on one screen, writing software on another, and my task list and website audit software on another.

During The first part of my day when my mind is fresh and it is still early enough to not hear the phone ringing, I begin by writing blogs, content, and editing like mad! My mind is the most alert in the morning (I am a morning person), so writing during these quiet times has proven to be when I create the best results for my clients and am full of inspiration and ideas.

After a couple hours of this, I move on to checking my emails and making all requested website updates and content edits. Whether you need something as simple as a picture added, or there is an issue occurring with a form or other component, this is the time where I am cranking away and fulfilling everyone’s requests so that they can rest easy and continue their day with a smile on their face knowing their updates have been made.

At about this time, I am ready for lunch and to disconnect. I call my loved ones; I walk my dogs and eat my lunch. During this break, fresh air and sunlight re-energize me and the food makes me happy and ready to tackle the rest of my day. My 3 dogs are an amazing way to laugh and stay upbeat. They are my reminder that I have so much to be grateful for.

After a lunch break like that I am pumped, and happily take my spot on my pilates ball, and resume with the remainder of my day. I use this time to perform in-depth SEO on each account, one at a time, in the time I have remaining. I typically give my eyes a small break by reaching out to my wonderful clients by way of a phone call to chat and see how they are.

I continue this cycle each day until all the accounts have been given the attention they deserve and the results have increased. My sole goal each and every week is to improve everyone’s website audit score, clear up any issues, make sure my clients speak or hear from me in some manner each week and bring traffic to their website.

It is a lot of work, I will not lie, but thankfully I find my work rewarding and fun! Staring at code and writing for hours on end may sound boring for many out there (well maybe just about everyone I know), but this is precisely why I am different. I love seeing the ranking increase week after week. In fact, reporting time and weekly calls are some of my favorite times, because that is where I get to show off the fruits of my labor. My clients see the difference, and well…it just feels good to hear them tell me that this service has grown their business.

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