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If Michelle Susan is your internet marketing guru at MyCity Social, enjoy this post where you can learn a little bit more about her and what drew her to this type of work. Our SEO & internet marketing company in Orlando is on fire because of dedicated guru’s such as Michelle.

Tell me about your background?


I started at Full Sail in 2013 and graduated Valedictorian with a B.A. in Music Business. I then went on to get my Masters in Internet Marketing and graduated in the class of 2016 (also Valedictorian).

BA in Music? Tell Me More?


I do not play an instrument, but growing up I was always going to music concerts, festivals and making playlists. I never knew there was such a thing as a degree in Music Business until I stumbled upon Full Sail University (which was very far from home). I loved studying and working in the music business while it lasted, however, I quickly found out that my passion lied more in internet marketing than the music business (the late nights aren’t for me anymore).

How Did You End Up at MyCity Social?


After graduation, I obtained an internship at a non-profit doing their social media management. After that, I found a job with the company Jigwiz part time. I was the social media manager and worked there for 4 months. I enjoyed it, but I wanted something where I could be more involved with the clients. I wanted to actually meet with clients and talk about their vision.

At the time a fellow Full Sail classmate of mine was working at MyCity Social. I reached out to her to see if she was hiring and she said, “actually I totally am, and I need someone to fill my spot as well”. I came in for an interview and I was hired on the spot. They liked me and saw that I had good experience. I have now been with MyCity Social since July 5th, 2016 and really love it here.

What is Your Favorite Part of Your Job?

My favorite part of this job? Hmmmm….creating images and branding for businesses. Also, I love that as a guru I am in charge of the account. I perform all communication with my clients (text, phone calls, meetings). I work hand in hand with them to ensure everything is clear and running smoothly.

I love getting to know my clients on a personal level and working with them to help them grow their business.

What Is a Typical Day in the Life Like?

I stroll into work at 8:00 AM, I fill up my water jug, roll my Pilates ball over, take a seat and then open my email and task manager. Then I diligently read my emails and take care of business. I typically divide my clients up into days. On one day I will work on X, Y, & Z client, then on another day A, B, & C client.

It is my job to find them interesting content, design social media posts, and schedule the social media posts. I also write content, manage Google My Business listings, and create targeted Facebook advertisements.

5 Fun Facts About You. Don’t’ Think, Go!

  • I am from California
  • I eat seaweed
  • Love V8 Juice
  • I love being in the water
  • I have been to Thailand twice

What is the Most Useful Piece of Advice You Can Offer Someone In Need of an Internet Marketing Company in Orlando?


If you don’t have a digital presence, it is absolutely crucial that you have one. It is 2017, everybody uses Google to look for reviews, pictures, and all other business information. It is also a very social age. Everyone wants to show that they were at your business, and the majority of people rely on social media for information. All your competitors have a digital presence, so make sure that you do not fall into the digital abyss. Contact a guru today so we can help you focus on your business.

What is Next For You Michelle?

I have always enjoyed writing, so I am digging deep into writing content and working on my craft. Facebook advertising is always changing, so I am constantly keeping up to date with that to ensure that my clients receive the best service possible.

If you would like to learn more about the top internet marketing company in Orlando (MyCity Social), contact us today to learn about the various packages, prices, and level of customer service that we deliver.

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