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Digital marketing consists of various ways that can help you in getting visitors to your website. It varies from social media to referrals but majorly consists of SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay per click). Since both SEO and PPC have such hype and attention, webmasters are now confused as both are known to provide the best results. Further, one digital marketing expert may ask you to go with SEO, while another may go with PPC. So, which one to choose? For a better understanding, the marketing experts of MyCity Social, an Orlando SEO Agency, have jotted down specific points to answer whether or not a PPC campaign is better.


What is a PPC Campaign? What is SEO?

Pay per click means you get on the spot visitors and results from search engines through relevant keywords. A PPC campaign might attract many eyes, but it is best to plan effectively if you want to succeed. The most exciting part of PPC is targeting the users based on any category like location, age, background, and many more. All options are narrowed down well, and you can control everything from your keyboard. Also, the downside of using PPC might constitute lowering your rank by bidding too low. This will reduce the click rate, and also, the number of people visiting the ads will be decreased. 


Search engine optimization refers to getting more traffic on your website organically through search engines. The amount of time might vary from industry to industry, but the website’s rankings will stay on top for a long time once it has achieved a higher rank. Of course, you must be aware of your competitors and if they are sabotaging your rank by engaging more keywords, increase your potency, and get back in the race. This way, your business website will get more exposure to search traffic. For SEO, you can also contact the professionals of an Orlando SEO Agency for help. This might seem a little money-consuming, but considering the traffic, the profit will still be viable and worth it. 


SEO vs. PPC – Pros and Cons

Weighing both SEO and PPC leads to a balanced result. So, which one to use? The main distinguishing factor between SEO and PPC is that – in SEO, you don’t pay for every click when your website appears on the top of the search results, while in PPC, the traffic has a cost for each click. SEO is considered best for a long term traffic strategy for your main website and product pages to attract visitors. 

  • Pros of SEO 
  • Awareness – Brand awareness is created by providing visibility for your targeted keywords in search engines to attract potential customers. 


  • Branding – Having a representative name is of utmost importance, and through visibility, your brand can achieve that. This will happen when there are commercial search terms and informational queries related to the business. 


  • Credibility and trust – Users, tend to rely more on organic results, which might help you improve your credibility for the service you provide to the customers. Recommendations, reviews, and having a reputation will add to the benefit of your business. 


  • Website traffic – Increasing website traffic will provide more opportunities and awareness for your business to the prospect’s knowledge. 


  • Cost per click – Money is well preserved as there are no direct charges for each click or an impression. 


  • Scope – For strong organic visibility, you must spread your branches. 


  • Return on investment – SEO is viable to provide improved ROI concerning other traditional forms of paid media. 


  • Cost – SEO is considered the most cost-effective and efficient among all other marketing strategies. 


  • Sustainability – As marketing spend is cut back, the efforts to regain or develop organic traffic will retain the business. 


  • Improved click-through rate – You can generate more revenue from a highly clicked organic listening than a highly placed paid ad.


  • More clicks overall – Strong fundamentals and visibility in both paid and organic are required to maximize results through keyword-level experimentation. 


  • Strategic advantage – The process of visibility in SEO is neither quick nor easy. Competitors can’t get to you once you establish yourself. 

  • The cons of SEO


  • Time – Organic results can be devastatingly slow and outrageously outgunned. Your keywords must be different and not match enormous titans like Amazon or eBay to be a competitor. 


  • Content development – Having a content asses is not possible for each business, and hence this might be a huge problem. A good strategy and expert support is a must. 


  • PPC is a short term way to gain traffic on your website. 

  • The pros of PPC


  • Position on the page – Paid search ads are always visible to the eyes when you scroll down on a laptop or a mobile. 


  • Improved ads – To dominate a page, PPC ads can have more insights like calls, locations, site links, pricing, and bullet points, which will create an ad. 


  • Visual product ads – The option of visual shopping ads through google is a go-to move for an improvised click-through rate. 


  • Brand visibility – Your brand’s visibility will be paid dividends in marketing even if someone visits the ad and later backs off. 


  • Speed – A PPC campaign can be created in some time and can be worked on for weeks. It is the fastest way to get in front of your customers and create awareness. 


  • Agile – A review or feedback can be achieved by setting a PPC campaign, since PPC is fast, so agility is ensured. 


  • Marketing intelligence – It is boundless with no restrictions. The percentage of keywords and their cost can be analyzed easily. Such information can be given to SEO marketing and other advertising options to improve the results overall. 


  • Stability – There is an increase in ROI and removal of junk search as it does not suffer the same fate of turbulence as organic results do. The impact is low and easily managed. 

  • The cons of PPC
  • Cost – It can be manageable at a low budget but can be expensive at times as well. The cost quickly increases if you are focusing on an entire country or internationally campaigning. Also, it requires a constant source of investment. 


  • Heavy competition – Running in a competitor’s way can be dangerous and can leave you financially sabotaged. Bidding wars are bound to happen, so careful steps must be taken, or you might get spiraling in various costs of PPC. 


  • Copying – It is a vast digital marketing landscape, and there can be similar kinds of ideas and thoughts from various people, which must be accepted. So, the individuality of your brand can be hammered.  


So SEO or PPC? 


This seems like a never-ending cycle of pros and cons and which is better and which is not. The answer mostly relies on the given business situation. It highly depends based on your strategy for your business. Are you looking for long term goals or short term ones? 


Both SEO and PPC have their list of pros and cons. Also, they work best when supported synergistically. It is better to get them worked together to drive better results rather than opting for one option. The power of both digital marketing strategies can help you attain great success for your website. 


Let us look at the advantages of running SEO and PPC together. This will include the following:


  1. All the data of keywords and conversion from PPC can be given to SEO. 
  2. The influx of traffic can be optimized by targeting clicks in paid and organic for high-performance keywords.  
  3. A lot can be moved from PPC to SEO, such as high-cost keywords, high-volume or low-converting (yet still important) keywords. 
  4. You can now include A/B testing of ad copy and landing pages into the organic search listings. 
  5. Through SEO, you can stay in front of your visitors when remarketing and engage your site during the same period. 
  6. You can test the promising factors of the keywords in PPC before using them in SEO strategy. 
  7. It is best advised to focus on all kinds of users and at every step of the journey, including research, comparison, and at the end purchase; this can be done with commercial keywords. 
  8. Lead to an increase in brand awareness and visibility through both SEO and PPC. 


In reality, there is no real winner. How come? The reason is that SEO and PPC should be viewed as a part of each other because siding with one won’t render the much-needed results for your website. But if you have both on your side, you might have a winning chance. Both of these have their pros and cons that help your business grow. Because you are never funded with heavy capital to invest in ads and compromising on your website rankings is no less than losing your business.


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