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Programmatic marketing is budding in the world of online advertising. This form of advertising is changing the ways businesses are getting a hold of ad space and focusing on the audience. Please scroll down to know more about programmatic marketing and what makes it so successful in the advertising and marketing world. The US stands at the top programmatic ad market as digital marketers spend 60 million US dollars on it, which accounts for 62% of the overall global marketing. It is estimated that in the future, the US will spend around $95 on the same. Through this article, the SEO Miami experts of MyCity Social try to explain how this form of marketing is changing the digital space.


What Is Programmatic Marketing? How Does It Work?


Although programmatic marketing plays a vital role in digital marketing, its credibility is less understood. Nowadays, digital marketers are inclining towards it and getting to know the concept. Programmatic marketing uses software to get digital ad space, unlike the traditional advertising methods where we used humans. Hence, the focal point gets narrowed down and helps you to target users specifically. 


If you are in the marketing business, it is crucial to learn the concepts of programmatic marketing and the benefits that tag along with it. Going old fashioned, usually, the space buyers are held responsible for bidding and purchasing the ad space. It may look like a tedious process and hence take more hours of work. 


So, this new technique has been established where bidding machines are used instead of humans. These machines work at a faster rate and find specific audiences quickly. Programmatic marketing buys you time to improvise as it is mostly done using machines and algorithms. It is thereby allowing you to optimize the quality of ads. It is effective due to its inbuilt automated bidding process. The whole process revolves around the users’ data, which shows the interest, consumer profile, and geographic location.


Hence, through this process, the return on investment is ensured by creating hyper-target ad campaigns. They help by locating the targeted users, which leads to the delivery of content and messages to the users in the areas where they (users) will see it. For instance, take a user who is into fall fashion. Now he or she might come across an ad of a boutique that sells themed or seasoned clothes on their Facebook page. This will happen while the user is busy scrolling through the feed on their phone. Our SEO Miami experts can get this done efficiently.


Program marketing, coupled with highly targeted ads, is cost-effective and balances your budget. The automated machines will adjust by themselves based on the inventory. Thus, this form of marketing stands as the most efficient digital marketing strategy.



Auction is the go-to place for interested companies and businesses where they bid on placing an ad on the page with a high number of visitors or has a high probability. This whole process is known as an ad impression auction. The business will fall under the auction if a page visitor falls into their target market.


The real action takes place within seconds, and in such little time, the ad experts from various businesses will compete for the ad space. The highest bidder will win the ad space. Hence, the ad will appear on the specified page. The vital part of the whole process of auction is automation. The timings are dismissively minute. The winner is selected before the page even loads. The maximum bid is the amount the bidder is willing to pay for the ad space. They set the target up to the maximum level and wait to know which business wins the ad space. Once the process is done, the ad will start flashing on the page where the user will see it, which will be counted as an impression. If the impression is interesting enough for the user, they might click on the ad and decide further.  


Benefits of Programmatic Marketing


Now that you understand and know what programmatic marketing is, it’s time to look at the benefits it offers. There is an assortment of benefits that programmatic marketing offers. They are as follows:


  • Setting the Price


The amount that you want to pay for your ad space can be easily set. It is similar to pay per click as you can set the maximum bid for specific ad space. This indeed helps you to stay within budget lines and be flexible at the same time. It’s an excellent choice for many businesses. Why? This gives complete control over the money spent by you. Henceforth, you pay only for the people you want to reach and who will click on your advertisement. It would help if you kept in mind that you gain more control over the advertising and marketing when you set a price, thereby guaranteeing a better experience for you.


  • Deciding the Frequency


The frequency and time of your bidding can be set. Acting as another benefit of programmatic marketing is helpful as it makes the bidding process more efficient. For example, bidding can be set as per the hour of the day when users browse the most, helping you tailor advertising campaigns and bidding. In turn, this will narrow down your focus to target users as bidding for ad spaces will meet your needs and fit your qualification. You might receive a more significant ROI as you know the specific time, which will be cost-effective and a time saver tactic. It is a better option than wasting money to bid on ad space for people in the target market where they might not see it. 

  • Setting Your Goals 


For the success of a campaign, having a goal is crucial. Programmatic marketing allows you to set as well as meet your goals. This means that your ads are never placed blindly anywhere with just the hope that someone in your target market sees it and clicks on it. Instead, it is impactful in a way as it creates an impression on the users within the target market through automatic bidding and hyper-targeting. Goals can vary from more traffic to brand recognition or even conversions. So, be specific about what you want to achieve and how. 

  • Pay for Relevant Impressions Only


This is the best part of programmatic marketing. It guarantees that your goals will be achieved through advertising campaigns along with saving your time and money. It means you are paying only for results. You can achieve all your goals by setting up a minimum number of impressions on what you want to receive. It is a great deal of investment as you pay only for reaching your target audience. This might, in turn, lead to conversions and give you a higher ROI. 

  • Enjoy Versatility Across Multiple Mediums


Programmatic marketing can be used on different platforms like a desktop or mobile, videos, or apps. The versatility is excellent as you can tailor your ad as per your comfortable medium and is the most beneficial to you. For instance, if you know what people in your target market are looking for online, customizing and optimizing your ads will become easier. Hence, this will help you reach many people through the medium that your audience uses extensively or more in comparison to others. 


Why Should Anyone Use Programmatic Marketing?


It is an advanced targeting marketing strategy that is cost-effective, along with being efficient. This is how you can understand your target audience, learn more about them, and the content that is mostly liked by them. This whole process, in turn, helps you to figure out what kind of content and ads to produce and how to get a click on them. A/B testing will become easy for you.


Programmatic marketing helps to make ad impressions better. It is a vital part of the marketing process to improve and achieve a higher ROI for the business. Programmatic marketing helps businesses achieve their goals efficiently, and digital marketers must be aware of it. As per the latest statistics, businesses invest around $60 million on it annually, increasing eventually. It is an excellent step for businesses who want to increase their reach and gain profit through digital mediums. 


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