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New features are a necessity for any app to remain relevant and interesting and Instagram is no exception to the rule. Some applications choose to do infrequent updates, but this isn’t the case as time goes on with Instagram. Instagram continues to grow in the online community with social media marketing updates including MyCity Social and April did not disappoint. It was a month full of useful updates for new experiences for individuals and businesses alike.

Disappearing Messages


Jumping right on board with services that allow content to disappear after the day is over such as SnapChat and Facebook. This past month they introduced the feature of private messaging which places messages, shared posts and those that disappear all in the same thread for seamless integration. Simply swipe to the right to view your direct messages. Located directly to the left of the box that states “write a message” is the blue Instagram icon. Tap it to send a disappearing image or video, but if you don’t want them to disappear use the image icon located on the right. This gives Instagram another step on Snapchat that might lead to more users abandoning the platform. The content gives users more control over what they share and their intended purposes for photos and videos.

Easier Shopping


Instagram announced in October and November that they were adding features to make shopping possible, but they didn’t start making an appearance until just now. Certain providers of jewelry, apparel and beauty products can add a feature similar to tagging that allows users to tap the item to view the product information and price without clicking an outside link. If the user wants to purchase the product, they can tap on the link to go directly to the product’s page for a quick shopping experience.

Instagram Live


Live broadcasts are excellent ways to get an interactive forum going as you could reach out to expand through social media marketing, but the primary pitfall was that once the content was over it was gone for good. It would be a waste to announce a new product, explain an upcoming promotion or conduct an interview and then have the footage be gone for good. That is no longer the case because now you can save the video after the broadcast is over.

Now you have the option to save your broadcast to your camera roll when it is complete. Then you can either upload it like you would with any other video. If the video is too long for Instagram, you can utilize Facebook instead.

Ensure that your app is up-to-date if you aren’t seeing these nifty new features yet. Instagram continues to expand by introducing new features more often than similar apps. This alone helps keep it at the forefront of the social media platform competition. It leaves you wondering what else they will be introducing in the upcoming months. The future looks promising for social media marketing updates and firms that benefit from it, such as MyCity Social.

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