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Getting visitors to stick around is the main goal of any website owner. To get them to stick around, you must get them to pay attention first, and visualizing your website is the solution. Nowadays, there are countless ways to incorporate pictures, videos and computer graphics into a site. There is no reason not to consider using the visual services of MyCity Social to maintain your online audiences. Visuals are not required, but their inclusion is recommended to anyone who wants to run a successful website.

Our SEO Tmapa Expert Shares 4 Visual Tips


Looking for generic stock photos is better than not looking and including no images on your webpages. Use imagery to enhance the words of an informative article or blog post without distracting the reader. Break up paragraphs that would otherwise appear as long blocks of text.

When you describe an item or service, people understand better when they are able to visualize it. If you are describing a difficult technical subject, it helps to include visuals, such as charts and diagrams.


You have the option of choosing experienced SEO graphic designers. They provide visual marketing services for online businesses, and many of them specialize in Web banners.

Graphic designers create banners to grab the attention of your site’s visitors. Web banners are more interactive and allow for more creativity than regular banners. Use standard templates or customize your own using photos, sounds and flashy animation.


Any good SEO Tampa provider knows how important it is to follow trends, especially on social media. Videos are seen everywhere on personal blogs, ecommerce websites and social media sites. Video marketers know that some people rather get their knowledge from videos than articles. SEO Tampa experts study the popularity of videos and know how useful they are for businesses.

People online are more interested in watching concise videos than reading long articles. On many websites, videos appear as supplements to articles or blog posts. Target your viewership with specific SEO keywords written in the video titles, tags and descriptions.


Settle for infographics to cut down on pictures that take up too much space and don’t provide enough knowledge. Combine the attractive appeal of pictures with the practical need for information about a certain subject. The infographic is an important business tool that gets more people interested in a new product or service. Schools, governments and nonprofit organizations use infographics to provide information that is concise, in depth and visually appealing.

Like flyers and posters, use infographics in a mass advertising campaign to reach hundreds or thousands of people at once. If you run an online campaign, the work is easier since no printouts are required. Place infographics in the right spots within your blogs or in marketing emails.

You are not required to place visuals onto your website, but know that more people visit image-oriented sites. Being an HTML expert is not recommended either when you have a SEO Tampa company that specializes in multimedia. Review the different services that you have with the digital marketers of MyCity Social.
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