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It is the hope and dream of every website owner to have their site ranked on the first page of Google. Google and all the other search engines have specific criteria they use to determine which website is deserving of the coveted first page listing. As a keyword researcher working with a leading SEO Company in Tampa, FL, I will tell you upfront that ranking on the first page of Google is no mean feat. It takes a lot of expertise to get your site ranked on the first page of Google. Lucky for you, at MyCity Social we have the requisite expertise needed to accomplish this task with good success.



Step #1: Optimizing your web content with our keyword researcher 


We appreciate the fact that some of our clients come to us with websites that already have content. We do not recommend that you discard the content that is already on your website. What our experts will do is to use the content hosted on your site to create a list of keywords that we can later optimize for search engines.


Step #2: Checking if your web content covers all the core areas of your business


As a keyword researcher, I am bound to ensure that the content of your website covers all the core areas that your business deals in. To gauge this, I will look at the keyword list created in step one and match the keywords generated from the process with a list of the product and service offerings from your business. Your website is like a brochure which tells the visitors what you have in store or the services you offer. So, it is important that the content be complete and it should be all encompassing.


Step 3: Identifying long tail search terms


Based on the keyword list generated in step one above, in this step, the expert will create a long tail keyword list. By definition, long tail keywords are niche specific search terms that carry four or more words and have a much higher search volume as compared to single word keywords. These long tail keywords are what we call relevant target keywords.


Step #4: Further Keyword research


Having created a list of long tail keywords, our experts from Tampa SEO Company will then engage their expertise and come up with more long tail keywords that are related to the niche in which your business is invested.


Step #5: Content creation


Having come up with an additional list of keywords, our experts will then use our in-house content creation team or outsource the task of content creation to a reputable content creation company. Once the content has been written around the new list of long tail keywords, we will then upload the content on your site and publish it. Google will then take over and index all the updated or revised pages and the new pages and in time, your website will rank better than your competitors’.

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If you would like to occupy the coveted space on page one of Google, then you should consider hiring our Tampa SEO Company to aid with the process. When you use MyCity Social with the job, we will assign a dedicated keyword researcher to work on your website and give you the desired result. Contact us today for a free quotation.


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