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In the quest for a website owner make their website search engine optimized, the website owner might come across the term “backlink.” What is a backlink, and how can these so-called “backlinks” help a website become more search engine optimized? Are backlinks even important to begin with? In short, backlinks are absolutely important for search engine optimization and can make a massive difference with increasing a website’s viewer traffic. Here at MyCity Social, the specialists at our SEO agency Miami understand the ins and outs of search engine optimization, metadata, backlinks, and more. We use this valuable information to aid our clients in optimizing their websites to increase web traffic and help them grow their businesses. Our Miami SEO company also has locations in Orlando and Tampa. Let us share some of our knowledge on search engine optimization and the importance of backlinks.


What is Search Engine Optimization?

First, let’s briefly talk about what search engine optimization is, if you’re not already familiar. Essentially, search engine optimization is the process of creating or adjusting content for your website to increase the amount of web traffic it receives. The world of search engine optimization is vast, and can be intimidating to someone unfamiliar with it. Search engine optimization specialists, such as the ones here at MyCity Social, can help businesses or other website owners to add content that will help increase web traffic. Naturally, this can help the website owner increase their brand visibility, whether that be their business, art, writing, freelance skills, or something else. You can start to see why search engine optimization can be a vital part of the website development process and upkeep.


The goal with search engine optimization services is to help the client with their web design and web content to increase traffic to their site. Whether for businesses looking to increase their visibility by gaining new clients, or even a freelancer looking to market their skills and talents, anyone can benefit from search engine optimization. 


What The SEO Agency Miami Can Share About Backlinks

Now that you understand what search engine optimization is, and how search engine optimization can help a website owner increase the visibility and awareness of their brand, let’s talk about what backlinks are. You might be familiar with hyperlinks. A hyperlink is when you create a link to another web page, whether that be on your website or even just a text document. A backlink is the opposite of this, i.e. it’s a hyperlink to your own web page somewhere else. Let’s say, for example, you own a website selling your art. Meanwhile, somewhere else, someone writes an art blog and offers a link to your website on that blog. That is a backlink for your own website. Simple, right?


How Can Backlinks Help Search Engine Optimization?

So now you understand what a backlink is, but how is that supposed to help your website become more search engine optimized? There are several reasons why your website can benefit from backlinks. For starters, having your site be linked on another site means anyone visiting that site now has a chance of clicking on that hyperlink and viewing your own website, but it’s more than just that. In theory, the more backlinks your website has, the higher your website will rank for a search engine, thus appearing higher up on the search engine result page (or SERP, if you will). We say “in theory,” because it’s not quite as simple as just having a bunch of backlinks. There are a number of important details to consider:

  • Total Referring Domains
    • Simple enough, this means the total number of domains referring your website. It’s important to note that we’re talking “domains,” essentially meaning we’re talking about higher quality referrals.
  • Total Referring IPs
    • This is the same as with total referring domains, only with IPs. Because we’re talking about IPs, and not domains, this isn’t quite as important, but still very helpful. The lower the search volume is on keywords, the less important this is.
  • Total Backlinks
    • The total number of backlinks differs in that it’s just the quantity of backlinks entirely. For example, a domain might leave multiple links on different pages to your site. This would increase the number of backlinks, but not the number of domains referring you.
  • Total Following Backlinks
    • Some links are actually classified as “no follow” links which are specifically designed so that search engines will not count those links toward the website’s rank. In short, these exist to help fight link spamming. Naturally, this means the total amount of backlinks that are following is important.
  • Total Number of Anchors
    • Anchors are essentially shortcuts to prominent parts of a site that users would find most helpful, a “contact me” page, for example. Anchors are typically words or phrases on a webpage with a hyperlink attached, rather than just listing the entire webpage as the link. More anchors tells the search engine that the link leads to something more important.
  • Presence of Keyword in the Anchor
    • If the anchor in question also happens to be a popular keyword, this can also help with a website’s ranking with a search engine. Of all the factors, this one is the least important unless the keyword is extremely popular.


To summarize, all of these points essentially just mean that you want as many backlinks as possible, but you want those backlinks to come from quality places. It’s just like referrals in the real world. We are more likely to trust a source we rely on, such as our friends or family, on something like a restaurant recommendation over that of strangers. Here, the more reliable a website source is, the more the search engine will trust that the backlinks are worth increasing the rank of your website.


How To Build Backlinks

Alright, so we know why backlinks are important, and we understand why the quality and source of our backlinks also matters. There’s one problem though, if backlinks come from other domains and IPs linking to your site, how are you supposed to get more backlinks? It’s not something that you can do directly, but by creating link-worthy content for a targeted audience. Basically, you want to create enriched resources other people want to use on their own blogs and websites. This is also content that search engine optimization specialists can help with creating. At MyCitySocial, our search engine optimization specialists work together with our writers to create content specifically for this purpose.


Let’s say you own a bakery and have a website dedicated to your shop selling pastries and other sweets. You might consider including a blog article on allergies, dietary restrictions, and the adequate substitutions necessary to make delicious baked goods anyone can eat. With a search engine optimized blog page, another site could later source your own article when discussing food allergies, or places people with allergies should check out in their local area. With the right use of keywords, you can turn informative blogs into references other content creators and writers can use and quote themselves.


The MyCity Social search engine optimization specialists and content writers know the right combinations of keywords, and writing techniques necessary to help those kinds of articles stand out. This is not only to make those pages engaging for others to read, but also compelling so that they will be used as sources for other pages. Working with these specialists is one of the best ways to tackle increasing your own site’s backlinks while keeping all the aforementioned points in mind. With the right domain and IP backlinks, search engines will rank your site higher, and you’ll start to see your own web traffic increase.


Who is MyCity Social?

Here at MyCity Social, we are dedicated to helping our clients with a search engine optimization-based services that can help to increase their brand awareness. We are a digital marketing company covering more than just SEO services, but also extends to opportunities such as social media management, pay per click marketing, creating newsletters, and more. We aim to provide the best and most effective combination of services to benefit each client on a case-by-case basis. Established in 2015, we have grown by working to increase our clients’ online presences., We have offices located in Orlando, Tampa, and Miami, Florida. Our goal and mission is to ensure every client gains the benefits of SEO, increasing their brand awareness, and has the utmost satisfaction with our assistance.


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