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Many of us are at least vaguely familiar with the term “metadata.” It’s an important term when it comes to internet sources of media, whether that be video entertainment, social media, blog posts, or something else. What exactly is metadata though? It may seem like a fairly nebulous term describing random clusters of stats and details that have seemingly no meaning, but in truth, it’s not quite so ambiguous. In fact, there’s a very clear rhyme and reason to metadata and how it functions, and utilizing that mechanical melody can be extremely beneficial for increasing net traffic to your site. 


Handled correctly, a website for a business could drastically increase the amount of people who visit said site. This translates to more potential consumers making online purchases or looking for a store near them. It’s called search engine marketing, or search engine optimization (SEO for short). Essentially, we’re talking about manipulating the metadata to work in favor of your site. Think of it like handing out free samples in a mall or hiring a poor teenager to dance in costume. You might start to see the value of hiring a service to help use SEO to improve your own website and increase traffic. MyCitySocial can do this, offering SEO services Miami, Orlando, and Tampa based. Let’s backtrack first and talk more about the metadata itself, as there are some more delicate intricacies of what exactly metadata is.


What is Metadata?

Simply put, metadata is a collection of data containing details on things like web files and browser statistics. This includes more obvious details like when a file was created or what the name of the file is, but it also includes much more meticulous pieces of information like how many bytes the file is. For specific kinds of files, you’ll get specific bits of information like the camera used to take a .jpg or the word count of a word document. You can think of metadata like information-based vitamins–large quantities of nutrients packed into a tiny amount of space. You might not necessarily know how to distribute all those nutrients correctly throughout your body, but your intestines sure do. The same is true with metadata, where your browser identifies how to pull apart that information and call for it when the right search is used. This allows the browser to put together the most comprehensive and appropriate list of results that match the keywords you input in an attempt to give you the absolute best options that the internet has to offer.


Search Engine Marketing: Putting Metadata to Practice in Search Engine Optimization

So you know what metadata is now, but how exactly do we use that search engine optimize our websites and pull in more web traffic? The trick is something incredibly simple: keywords. Keywords are small strings of words that, together, help your web browser narrow down and prioritize web results. When you type in a search in your browser, it’s able to rip out literal billions of potential websites and search options from your search to a much more reasonable number. That being said, you’ll still end up with potentially thousands of options to choose from. Keywords are what helps the strong choices hit the front page of that search result rather than getting lost in the hundreds of other pages few will ever look through. If you had a cupcake business, you’d want your website to pop up right on the front page anytime someone enters “cupcakes” into Google, Bing, Ecosia, or whichever search engine. SEO makes this possible.


More About Keywords

You might still be a little confused about what exactly makes keywords, well, keywords. Think about anytime you’ve searched for something online through a search engine. Let’s say you’re looking to find a quaint Italian restaurant for dinner with the family. You wouldn’t necessarily type in something overly verbose like “I want to find an Italian restaurant in my city.” Instead, you’d be more likely to type in something like “Italian restaurants near me,” or “Italian Restaurants Tampa, FL.” You want to type in something quick and snappy that immediately tells the search engine exactly what it is you’re looking for. That is what a keyword is.


It sounds simple, right? In some ways, it certainly is simple, but it can also get somewhat tricky at times. Let’s go back to that Italian restaurant example. There were two examples of keywords that could work for an Italian restaurant in the Tampa area. They’re basically the same, right? Wrong. Even though the two sound similar, they’re two completely different keywords, and someone searching for one might not pull results for the other. You might have the best five-star Italian bistro in all of Tampa, but if your business is possibly a mile too far from someone, a search that reads “near me” might not list your website as a result. That’s not even including other keyword options one might search like “pizza near me,” or “pasta places near me.” Hiring a SEO specialist will help by doing the research and analytics needed to discover the best keywords that will bring in the most traffic for your website. 


How MyCitySocial Uses Keywords to Search Engine Optimize Your Website

Here at MyCitySocial, we have a team of SEO experts who are able to figure out what the best keywords are based on your brand and your website–keywords that can give your website an advantage when potential consumers search for the content you provide. But where do these keywords go? We create content-rich blogs centered around topics related to your site’s content with just the right amount of keywords to help consumers find that blog through their search engine of choice. This leads them to your website, and thus web traffic is gained. Let’s say you have a hair salon and want to increase your brand awareness. We could add content to your site regarding topics like hair coloring, latest style trends, or hair care products that could attract web traffic from searchers interested in those topics. That would bring them to the hair salon’s website, and thus make them aware of your brand.


This is the ultimate benefit of having a SEO team help you develop your website: creating content to fill that website with keyword result opportunities. With this additional content included with your website, you can benefit from several specialized keywords across these blogs that can snag potential consumes onto your site who might then start exploring the rest of your site and learning about your business.


The Benefits of Added Web Traffic

You might be wondering just how web traffic actually benefits your brand or business. Most people nowadays, especially kids, teens, and young adults, rely almost exclusively on the internet to discover local services. Why waste the time looking around the area in person when the entirety of the internet is often at a person’s fingertips? A five-second Google search is all it takes for a searcher to access every website on the front page of their search results. A website not correctly search engine optimized could be drowned out by the vastness of the internet, and with the value of online brand awareness, it could potentially lose a lot of business as a result.


Ensuring that your website is search engine optimized can thus make a considerable difference in the web traffic your site receives from a modern audience. Additionally, your website can oftentimes include details about what makes your brand unique in comparison to other brands–information that may not be readily clear through different forms of marketing. Then there’s also an aspect of trust, as many consumers are more likely to trust a business with a quality website. All this being said, you may start to notice just how big an impact that a well-optimized website can have for a business.


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