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If you are working with an SEO agency, it means that you have finally realized that importance of your online presence and how SEO plays a major contributor to the existence. Now it s time to set practical goals with your marketing agency to ensure that you are getting the results you were promised. You may not fully understand the inner workings of search engine optimization, but that is why we are here to help! MyCity Social in Tampa, Florida specializes in search engine marketing and we guarantee that the key to marketing success is setting goals. But what kind of SEO goals do you need to make with your agency? Are they measurable so that you can see the benefits of using an SEO service? Let’s break it down to the basics.

Set Smart Goals


The first goals you want to discuss with your SEO agency is your business goals. Are you trying to sell a certain number of products this quarter, are you set on services a set amount of clients this month, or are you simply looking to grow your social media presence? Know what your goals are and when you expect to see your return on investment. After relaying this to your search engine marketing team, they are going to ask you about your marketing goals. This is where SEO comes into play. If you are looking to increase traffic, your marketing team will discuss specific keywords that will help your business rank in Google’s top search. If you are looking to bring back traffic to your website, we can narrow down your SEO options to be more specific.

Measure Progress with SEO Agency


Google dismissed the ability to monitor unpaid SEO measurements a few years ago. The only way your agency can provide you with sound statistics showing how your SEO-riddled blog post helped your company is through paid advertising. Go figure. So search engine marketing teams were met with a challenge in regards to how we can prove the worth of using SEO content. Here are a few ways we will measure your ROI concerning SEO marketing tactics:

Organic Search Visits: The data collected from your analytics report will display how many times your website was found organically.

Ranking: This is where you appear on search engine systems. Your SEO team can measure this on a global, national, or local market.

Branded Search: This is a more specific search for your company’s particular niche. We can measure how your company ranks on search engines based on specific branded searches versus generic searches that pertain to your company.

SERP: The Search Engine Results Page. Here we can see what shows up when we search your company and look at changing anything or adding any content that you think your customers would like to see.

Search Volume: This can be measured using tools such as Google Trends. Your SEO team will use it to see how often online users search for keywords in your specific niche and when. They can use this to strategically schedule content around certain time frames that will certainly affect your business.

Amplify SEO Goals

Once you know your goals and you know that your marketing team has ways to measure how SEO content positively affects your business, you can work to amplify those goals. Get more specific with your goals by adding in definitive numbers. Do you want to raise your website traffic by 50% this quarter? How about growing your online sales by 25%? Amplifying your goals will keep your marketing team on track to improving your business with SEO content every day.

Ready to make your company rank? Contact MyCity Social in Tampa, Florida to hear about our SEO marketing tactics.


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